What causes Ghost sex?


  • Kathleen Johnson - 5 years ago

    My thoughts are a spirit coming to a woman and providing to her orally what no human can do. Satisfy her insatible appetites for oral and orgasmic pleasures all night long every night. Morning noon and all night. Coming together with the same desires. His to give her's obviously to relentlessly receive and cum over&over again

  • Dr. Swank - 7 years ago

    I have lived and experienced first hand somone going thorough this, ive witnessed it happening and at the time i didnt posses the propper knowledge to combat it and help my friend, what ever had attached itself to her didnt like me and at times it was like this thing was walking around in her body, it wasnt her her actions, movements and even her voice was different, the biggest thing was her eyes though. black black black eyes. these demons and evil entities I believe can attach due to severe trama, wether it be molestation, rape, and it doesnt matter if it happens from a young age or even as an adult. . Ive been learning the poower of becoming a true healer and opening my mind to the knowledge of the Ancients wisdom old.. My purpose here on this earth has been becoming clearer and clearer. I have performed a few exorcisms and helped people find themselves again. it is truly an amazing feeling to fight these evil entities and help others. I am not scared and I will continue to help and defeat evil. I have alot of knowledge and answers that have been given to me, if anyone would like to talk. e-mail me : celestialcosmonaut1379@gmail.

  • A M Mackay - 8 years ago

    These beings have appetites like the rest of us but no body in order to satisfy them. They can become fixated on a woman just like a obsessed person and want to own her. They sole purpose is to cause shock, terror and doubt in the person being attacked. Who the heck is going to believe that and where do you go for help? It causes fear and they feed off fear in order to gain their own strength. It's insidious.

  • Chrissy - 8 years ago

    Demons come for souls. Incubus use sex to get those souls..

  • Laverne - 8 years ago

    There are many known cases of spirits be it ghosts, demons, etc that have sex with people either willingly or unwillingly. In the willing cases, the human normally is aware of the sexual encounter and offers themselves willingly, whereas in the unwilling case the human is normally pinned down, basically awake, but unable to have function of their body.
    Though most people believe that these are always cases of sexual demons or entities, the truth is that there are some human beings that possess supernatural capabilities, allowing them to leave their bodies and commit sexual acts on a person also.

  • james Hancock - 8 years ago

    Could be all or some of the above but what ever the cause it destroys lives.

  • Andy Brantmuller - 8 years ago

    I know why? it happens to me. I gave my life to the Lord in 95 & was filled with the Holy Spirit for three month's. .that was until I went to my dads house in Florida to do some work! I am a Married man & was set up by Satan. One night while out in my parents hot tub I was approached by a beautiful woman that just wanted to have sex

  • Juan Zam - 8 years ago

    Now , I know no one here will actually buy what I am about to state...but I know the real truth...or at least its my theory of what exactly is happening... I have been investigating Paranormal phenomena since I was 14 yrs old... but my theory

  • Hector - 8 years ago

    I have had the experience of being molested. In bed while in a deep sleep and on different night even spilling my seed while being paralyzed not able to move until it was over.

  • Nathaniel - 8 years ago

    Aliens are the same beings as demons. You Can Stop These Attacks By Calling On The Name Of Jesus! If You Can't Speak, Think It, And Keep Thinking It Repeatedly, Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus until it lets you go. Everything that is named has to bow to the name of Jesus! Jesus was given all authority over Heaven and Earth so Everything Alive is in subjection to the Name Of Jesus.

  • John - 8 years ago

    A rapist...

  • Brenda - 8 years ago

    From my experiences and others it seems that what was called demons are the same beings called the reptillians, an alien species, who have the ability to move between 3rd and 4th dimensional realities. They have the ability to paralyse with technology that also interfaces between the 2 worlds and they can also leave you thinking they are a different form or even a human on you. Sometimes you can feel them as they syphon off the energy from your body.

  • Mark warren - 8 years ago

    It could be a incubus but my opinion as a paranormal investigator myself I would contact a paranormal investigation group to find out if its a negative spirit or a demon incubus

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    Demon such as Incubus and some type of Aliens are the same in my opinion

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