Will You Watch Sororiety Sisters?


  • Rod's Professor - 8 years ago

    Will I watch the show? Maybe if its with you Rod. ; - )

  • Gem - 8 years ago

    i had no idea the Sorority Sisters show featured grown, "working" women - i had assumed it would be filmed on a college campus with a bunch of girls who didnt know any better.

    though i have enjoyed watching just about all of Mona's other wretched shows, i am not interested in this one. as a member of a Black Greek Letter Org, i dont like to see my sorority sisters exploit our beloved organization or sisterhood (or that of the others) in the name of ratchet ratings. i'd feel the same about folks exploiting my beloved HBCU alma mater. while i dont believe they make us look bad, i do think they are doing a disservice to our organizations by portraying such little reverence for what all our sororities pride themselves on - education, community service, civic engagement, economic empowerment, and comraderie.

    we all have our ratchet limits, this just happens to be mine. while i made the choice not to watch the show, i dont think its worth my energy to stage a boycott or petition the show to be taken off air or have sponsors pulled. i'm much more concerned with my sorority's stance on wearing our letters during protests and rallies than i am about whether or not this show is on air.

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