Which Season 7 artist has the best chance of becoming a household name?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Gene Mosley - 4 years ago

    Damien was the most versatile singer, and he "played" the cameras well. He should have won! In my opinion, the voting process on The Voice should be changed. Open public voting may sometime be based on personal biases rather than musical talent. If the contestant is male, attractive, white and can carry a tune, he gets as many as ten votes from girls throughout the country. A panel of Judges, not the couches, may do a better job of deciding a winner from the finalists.

  • Jean - 4 years ago

    There should only be 2 persons competing in the finale to ensure that whoever wins does so with more than half the total votes cast. Had Chris and Damien not been included in the finale, most of their supporters would most likely have voted for Matt.

  • Antonio Hall - 4 years ago

    Damien should won because he is awesome and he captivate the audience . He could sing any type of music . Last night the show was great .i hope he and DaNica Shirey come back on the season 8 The Voice .

  • Maureen Bellinger - 4 years ago

    Totally disappointing results. Turns me off of the show, the best contestant did not win. Did not have any break out moments that both Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison had.

  • Sue - 4 years ago

    Considering that the people buy the music it stands to reason that since they voted for their favorite the right person won.

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