Was President Welsh wrong to tweet a photo of herself with the student “Hotties”?

  • Norms - 6 years ago

    I do think that if a male president were to pose with female hotties there would be a significant outcry.

  • John Messmer - 6 years ago

    This all or nothing morality and its intolerant cousin, partisanship, is not moving us along a track of continuous self-improvement. I don't know President Welsh or if she is doing a good job but this photo was clearly spontaneous and in good spirit and the group is apparently organized to spoof the use of sexuality as a motivating tool. To tie it to on campus sexual assault is illogical - assaults are more about power than sex. If we carry this logic to its extreme, then a large portion of legitimate advertising should be banned. Are we so Puritanical that we can't separate human interest from sexual desire? Are we Taliban?

  • bmwsoldatone - 6 years ago

    as long as she deos it with females too... if not then its sexist and wrong... if male president did this.. HE would be fired and a huge scandal would take place. that's the truth

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