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Posted 4 years.


  • 2015 - 4 years ago


    Feel the Magic are also introducing bereavement camps in 2015 which will be a first of its kind in Australia. This provides a safe place for children 7-17 who have lost a parent/s, sibling or legal guardian to grieve, heal and grow.

  • A - 4 years ago

    Re: wondering?

    I know Disneyland may not seem "charitable", but it helps address serious mental and psychological issues and distress suffered by children when they have lost a loved one, often a parent. Unfortunately, 2014 has seen many Australian families affected in this manner, which has been highly publicised in the media, and yet mental health issues continue to be a major health issue in Australia. In fact, the leading cause of death in 15-34 year olds in Australia is suicide.

    So, in my opinion, any group that helps address youth mental health, depression and suicide is worthy of supporting.

    Thanks for your question. Please feel free to visit Feel the Magic's website to learn more:

  • anon - 4 years ago

    So bitching about a charity not helping you, what about all the other people they have helped. Just because you get yourself in a mess, thats right blame it on others. Your grown people get YOUR life in order and dont expect others to do it for you.

  • Wondering? - 4 years ago

    just wondering what exactly do feel the magic do?

    so far I just see trips to Disneyland? not really a charitable thing?

  • A Helper - 4 years ago

    I am a Give and Take Volunteer.

    Today is Christmas day... and while all other agencies are closed since last week, many were still delivering presents and hampers.

    Give and Take are a Hills District based organisation - like most other charities, they too have boundaries. If you could read before you spoke, you would know this. Yet we still help and deliver out all suburbs to Penrith even though they don't have to! If you were not helped this is because you could not prove you needed it. I doubt the reason you were living in a tent had anything to do with them not replying with you. They are not responsible for your accommodation problems.
    Doubt you spoke to Mel and that she promised you anything, as she isn't the one answering enquiries.
    Ipads for Hills District Mums? An ipad has never ever been asked for on Give and Take.
    So what your saying doesn't even add up !

    They need more help so they can help more people.

    Feel the Magic is also asking for votes on their page. Sounds equal to me?

    They don't force people to vote. People who vote choose to themselves.

    Seriously get a life. You cant be doing it too hard if you can pay for internet to do low acts like this.

    Give and Take you are the best ! Go and volunteer and see for yourself how you can make a difference or just read the page to see how volunteers regularly post about their great experience.

  • Another Helper - 4 years ago

    I am a Give and Take volunteer and have helped all types of people but only those that really needed it. Helped a single mum in Riverstone wirh food and bedding, a refugee family in Mt Druitt with food, furniture, toys, hope, help set up a townhouse complex with bedding, appliances etc, deiveted fridges from our own pockets plus other stuff to a family in St Marys. We are even more widespread than the Hills and tons of requests are pouring in from individuals and the official agencies are even coming to us as we can get help to people faster and more efficiently. We need more help to be able to keep up!!!

  • Helper - 4 years ago

    I am a volunteer helper, I buy food and white goods for others. If you need something then what have you done to get help. If you need real help then you will get it. Bitching won't solve your problems. If a birthday party can be thrown then why not. That doesn't stop others from helping single parents get emergency food.

  • anonymous - 4 years ago

    Agree with above, dont help struggling ppl only mums who need the newest ipad as their kid maybe bullied, forget the families in dire need who just need food, alot of empty promises than no contact for me as well

  • sammy - 4 years ago

    Unless youre a middle class mum in the hills district give and take wont help,

    I was promised help and was never contacted again because i actually needed help, instead give and take help people with birthday parties and organising cakes not actually helping people who need it,

    If they win this is just based on the hills district mums page and buy and sell pages give and take have posted on begging for votes NOT because they deserve it, give and take do not 9t help people who need it only middle class mums who have a bad day

  • anon - 4 years ago

    Im sorry but give and take are terrible, i begged them for help and mel promised to help and ignored any messages because of this me and my two children were living in a tent for over a month

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