Should the Washington Redskins sign Michael Vick?


  • Cindy - 7 years ago

    only one that should be signing him up for anything is the nearest prison. Should of never gotten out before. Sorry wouldn't believe for one minute that he's changed. He's an animal abuser, neglector and killer. Shouldn't be playing anything except pick up the soap in the prison shower

  • Jonathan patterson - 8 years ago

    Well u need some body rg3 is Rudy pooo as well is all the newcomers this year over paid with no out put but Vick is still da fastest qb in da nfl

  • Ted Bernier, USVI - 8 years ago

    Forget the "bad karma" nonsense. I believe Vick would make a big improvement in Washington. He's experienced, and big match up with DeSean Jackson. He will bring stability to the rookie quarterbacks that Washington now has. They can learn under him. An added plus for running and passing, he would give Washington the boost they need like how Doug Williams did that won them another Super Bowl.

  • Kimberly Denise - 8 years ago

    Don't you think we have enough bad karma?

  • ken stabler - 8 years ago

    Ken stabler says heck yea. sure bring in casper and belitnikoff. and now we talking raider football Just win baby just win. ask demetri pik he will agree too. oh wait, I meant to say bring in kilmer and danny bugs danny thompson.. and on 4th down bring in Mike bragg.. 42 guys together cant lose.. sorry riggo your from another era...

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