Has the fact that the Olympics are streamed over Silverlight in the US prevented you from watching them on your computer?

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Poll posted 11 years ago.


  • Don Burnett - 11 years ago

    Do you realize a G4 or G5 Mac is now over five years old? Wow you have got a lot of use out of it, considering Apple hasn't made an Intel Mac in years.. Wonder how you guys will feel with snow leopard (the next version) being intel only... Many 3rd party software companies are starting to abandon powerpc. Doesn't Silverlight also have certain processor speed/power requirements for HD video that make it not possible on the G4??

  • ADD/HD - 11 years ago

    I have aa G4 Mac running 10.5, have Silverlight 1.0 installed and the NBC site errors out telling me I need to running Vista or Media Center

  • schleifnet - 11 years ago

    I have leopard on my g4 ibook and silverlight is rated for intel macs only...ARGH!

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