Which is the best Hell Lady?


  • joey - 6 years ago

    That is bullshit! craka is the best ant 5! she had a change to add continuous, she defence breaks almost all the time! she gives invincibility with her revive and readies all skills! The rest are okay

  • IHaveEthnaToo - 6 years ago

    Pt 2. After galleon debuffs everyone, Ethna usually hits around 10-16k per hit with her second, and 7,5k per hits totaling 37,5k. I wasn't too statisfied when I got Ethna because I was hoping for an archangel, dragon or phoenix lol. But now that I've tuned her for arena and made her 6*, I don't even want to think about what my team woupd be without her :p sorry long post, i'm baked

  • IHaveEthnaToo - 6 years ago

    I have my Ethna Violent blade with 1700 atk, 67 cr, 157 crit dmg and +44 speed. I have her tuned for arena and boy she is awesome! I always put ethna as leader with dark samurai so both have 100 crit rate, and then galleon and chloe. Chloe does immunity, galleon time to loot, then ethna will shatter or capture depending on def breaks, and sige cleans up with a nice 40-50k aoe on 3k atk and 180 cd

  • Baraku Twisted - 8 years ago

    I have Ethna and she is fatal focus, she has 3100 atk, and when buffed will do 20k + and 3rd skill will do 50k +... I say wind is best because i have never lost im my time playing to a hell lady if u want an atk monster, i slaughter even fire monsters in an instant and she is a b10 slaughterhouse. I dont see any other hell lady that can do 50k + dmg to ur average 6*.

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