Who is the WTF Christmas Turkey 2014?

  • Sarah Denby - 7 years ago

    Sooo hard to choose among so many dreadful options! Bai Ling with the labial flower, K. Michelle with the giant butt cheek, Lena Dunham with saggy boobs and tremendously horrid poofy skirt (and a totally disgruntled expression as well...) or Maitland Ward of the leather punch-out dress complete with rear fart-flap... Oh dear, oh dear....

  • Yvonne - 7 years ago

    can someone give me the name of a good therapist, please ... I need counselling

  • Trisha - 7 years ago

    The chaps didn’t even rate, unlike last time. It wasn’t easy to avoid choosing Bai Ling with her homemade tit-tape construction, apparently meant to resemble a key to promote a soft-porn flick I won’t be seeing any time soon. She looks like she should be working some seedy club in Bangkok. And the poor naked mermaid caught in a fishnet – equally transparent on every level. Old Jordan would appear to have so many wedding dresses now that she wears them anywhere – this one looks like it was ripped off her one night, but she still treasures the mammaries, I mean memories. I decided to ignore the nearly naked ones (for Lady Gaga reasons - they did it on purpose) so it was a toss-up between the ice-cream sundae and the Peter Cottontail nightie. The pink froth skirt with a boy’s shirt was just embarrassingly sad, so in the end I went for the pom-poms because the outfit was at least funny, from her tits to her toes. But I expect Bai Ling will win. Just before you banish Rita forever, however, please consider her New Year’s Eve ensemble featuring peeking panties under an old, nicotine-stained net curtain with some strategic sequins.

  • Louise Nicholson - 7 years ago

    Don't think I can wear any of these to our elder son's wedding.....

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    Brilliant collection again. I love your posts and look forward to it every week. Have posted the poll on my FB page.
    Agree with my friend Joyce Wong - no more Karda......s.

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