SPEAK UP: Should Dutchess County put more resources into Child Protective Services? YESTERDAY’S RESULTS: Should Vassar College have another deer cull? 177 YES 6 (Poll Closed)

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  • TR Tyler - 5 years ago

    "Wasn't even living in" correction above

  • TR Tyler - 5 years ago

    When my daughter was born Christmas Eve two years ago, CPS took my daughter from the hospital because of a former case involving my wife and I before we were married. My end of that former case was dismissed fully from court and the record was expunged. Because when a report is made, your name automatically goes on file in Albany before innocence or guilt was even proven, I was automatically blamed. I plead to nothing in court and my wife plead guilty or acknowledgement. We separated legally in the process. I did everything the court asked of me, but because of a backlog on one program required by court and my worker(s) inability to do their jobs even when reminded twice weekly, I did not get my daughter back and eventually had to choose between signing my rights over and receiving minimal visitation (extremely minimal) or losing on trial with a judge, defense attorney and county attorney all working for each other, I already knew I was going to lose. Especially when around the time this transpired and hence I've spoken to nearly 100 people of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and races all saying approximately the same thing. The problem is in my opinion an increased number of potential foster/adoption families that every minor offense (and that is exactly what was the original offense). A disagreement between two adults. She flipped out, got arrested, I did the right thing to go to court and file for OP but she managed to file one as well alleging lies (I have video, photo and written proof of the lies, including testimony from police officers and a cluttered home that was even being lived in by the child (my Home). CPS in Dutchess County has been overly prosecuting minor offenses and other minuscule infractions (parking tickets of Family Offenses) and getting birth parents of low income or on disability for a long time. Look at Mason's father, blind disabled, had his kids removed to a mother than neglectfully disgrace his son's life with that fool. What about doing your job and going after the people who actually commit child abuse and stop charging head-on into every families' lives. Its not helping, its distancing kids from the bonds they deserve to share with their parents. I heard the other day a family that actually got their children back in this degraded system, is getting continuous reports on them from school because their child is failing. Their child had been ahead of most students, and regressed in foster care three grade levels. Now the parents are being told they are to blame for this and risk losing their children again? Does this seem fair? Or the fact that NYS pays to Social Services/CPS and the foster family upwards of $5000 per month per child? Or that the more a county places children in foster care facilities, the more they are rewarded? Dutchess County has ranked in the top five for over a decade!?! Go to a family court procedure day. You cannot go inside every court room as they are private proceedings normally, but there were multiple times I'd be told to be at court at 9:45am and I'd leave anywhere from 12:30 - 7pm. Start asking individuals what are you here for. You'll come across at least 20-30 people with similar minor stories like mine and the people I've spoken with and you'll be appalled. Did you know that if one parent is drinking (whether driving or not) and there is children in the car the sober parent can still have their children removed because you chose to stay with an irresponsible spouse? I didn't until I've met four of those exact stories in the past year. Don't just do a numbers research, ask people and you'll see.

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