Does Tank's Color Have Anything To Due With Poor Sales?


  • CRG - 9 years ago

    Complexion has nothing to do with it. I've always believed that he sounds like Janie Foxx and it didn't help that he actually wrote some of Jamie Foxx's early hits.

  • Larry - 9 years ago

    Tank sorry about the low sales, but you are not the first singer to have what is a good album get low sales and they aren't all black. Personally I like it and Stronger is a great song and when you sing it, it sounds like you believe it's lyrics. Time to face the facts this is reality this is life, not everyone is going to like you or support your music. Now lets get up pull on your big boy pants and say hey shit just happens sometimes, then put that race card way at the bottom of the deck we have to many others trying to play that card now, then get on with life.

  • Faye Swallow - 9 years ago

    Sorry Tank I love all of your music but I think the majority of the world likes cussing and down grading women lyrics mutha and f-ck this etc. or telling her to bend it over let me see you twerk and all that bullshit you know it's the 21st century it's called Nastiness and No Respect but we love you in Louisiana!

  • brenda - 9 years ago

    Maybe it is from his movie The Preacher's Kid. I could have just wiped his butt.

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