Was Bobby Smurda Admitting To Crimes In His Music?

  • lovelasting - 8 years ago

    The truth is as Joe Spacely pointed out "in this "reality" show, anything to be famous time" so called artist are willing to do next to anything to be the topic of our time, if even for a moment. Of course he did at the very least some of that shit, no one wants to be a fake ass "Rick Ross” type Kat...well have their fans find out and call them on it anyway. I actually don’t mind rappers rapping about “Dat Life” (I’m rolling my eyes just typing that garbage) as long as they are doing so in a way that doesn’t convey a message of ecceptance and/or encouragement of it. I use to feel this way about Jay-Z…(Then I realized he didn’t give a fuck…lolz) and realized he’s tracks are largely on the “Triumphant” side of “The Game”, in that it’s more about persevering no matter the circumstance. The little homie just isn’t as skilled as of yet at peeling away at the various layers of his talents if you can call them that at all cause his shit sucks. In conclusion it’s a mixture of real life and fiction, with fiction being built upon the actual lived portion. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out whats what though.

  • Joe Spacely - 8 years ago

    I have no idea really, but in this "reality" show, anything to be famous time, it wouldn't shock me if a teenage boy thought nothing of putting his actual exploits on record. Provides him with the "street cred" that is still needed to be considered legit as a rapper (avoiding the Drake label). Not realizing that not only are streets watching, but so is the legal system. Ultimately, they need more proof than some bars, but that's enough to start an inquiry - best tol rep your attorney in those bars, so they know who to call when they decide to investigate ("big ups to Jackson and Goldberg").

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