Quality of Corruption Poll

Posted 4 years.

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  • F Ekundare - 4 years ago

    The truth is there should have been a 4th option. Corruption cannot be fully or permanently eradicated. It can, however be managed. Nigeria's public corruption is the worst type....useless. China's public corruption is, i think, a level above Nigeria's. It has been able to achieve some positives, but at a large cost....over 500b usd, going by your write-up....highly inefficient. Then there is the western styled "public corruption". Highly efficient!! Lobby the legislative and the executive to implement laws and pass on budgets that indirectly benefit your business. When public opinion turns against you or if you get found out, the politicians dont get re-elected, and the rules/regulations are changed, and you wait for the next opportune election cycle to do it again. If it's law, it's not corruption..no?

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