Who Would Win In A Fight


  • Chuck Spears - 8 years ago

    One guy travels at the speed of light, has bullets bounce off of him, can push planets with his hands, the other guy is really good at martial arts. I'd say Superman has a definite advantage, but he let's Batman win because he's just a nice guy.

  • browneejay - 8 years ago

    batman and superman have fought several times already. batman always needs kryptonite, or a suit of some kind to win as per usual in any batman fight. There have been times when Superman has said that if he hadn't turned his head after a batman punch, that bruce's hand would have been broken. All of superman's over-poweredness aside, however batman again and again has to remind Mr. kent that without his powers he wouldn't stand a chance. That's why batman usually catches him off guard with something more or less of a "catch!" tosses him a kryptonite stone and proceeds to beat superman up and down the block.

  • 0roburos - 8 years ago

    What up Karen and Rob. this is an argument me and my brothers have had every years or so for the last 30 or so years. yeah this goes deep. We all know Batman actually won the fight. but given that was back in 86, and the circumstances were less than ideal for Kal having recovered from a russian nuke (yeah i goes in) And the addition of it was really a fight between a one armed green arrow and Batman VS Superman. And all Im going to say to finish is " Lead Lotion and Full lead goggles after a day in the sun.."

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