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  • Pam Heckler - 8 years ago

    Congratulations! I cant say enough positive things about your website, I just love it. I have forwarded it to countless people. I really enjoy how it is written in a "real" way. I strive to be better, and sometimes I do but sometimes I don't. I like how your approach isn't "all or nothing", and is helpful to a normal, everyday person who just wants to be healthier. The chicken/broccoli recipe last week was definitely a favorite, it was easy and very very tasty. Same for the broccoli/cheese (nutritional yeast) soup- we made that twice in a week also. Simple recipes that aren't "stretching" from the traditional taste. So many other healthy recipes are either super complicated, or look and sound good but truly do not taste good!
    My hopes or suggestions would be: more recipes that require few ingredients, perhaps some crock pot ideas? Other helpful information would be tips for people who are really trying, but haven't made a 100% lifestyle 180 change. For example, I tried dairy free for 7 days, which is huge for me, felt better, stubborn eczema around my nose was clearing up-- I was on board! I went to a friend's house, brought the chips you suggested so I would have something "party food" -ish, I ate beforehand so I wasn't overly tempted to go bananas, she made a "detox salad" from another website that had ACV, lemon, maple syrup and only veggies, so I had the best of intentions. Long story short, I ate 2 mini crab balls, and had a few of my "healthier chips" with some sort of unhealthy sour cream dip, and 2 deviled eggs a friend brought that were WW recipe. They were made w FF sour cream, but no mayo, and mostly just other seasonings, but I know that FF sour cream is just awful nutritionally. I did really controlled myself, and had a few bites, so much less than usual. But, Monday my irritated nose was back, and so were my cravings. This all being said, you talk a lot in your site about your previous habits, so in the beginning it had to have been a struggle for you too? What do you do when you are going to a party where you aren't bringing a dish, and its impolite to decline all food? (Not to mention, that is no fun!) Sorry this is so long, but I guess I am just looking for some direction about a middle ground for everyday people who want to upgrade their food, but just can't commit to a 100% total lifestyle change. All in all, your blog is very helpful and has been really inspiring.

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