SPEAK UP: Should "double dipping" be illegal for lawmakers? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Did you watch an NFL game during the regular season? 81 YES, 40 NO

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  • Clyde Miller - 5 years ago

    tired of politicians lining their pockets at our expence

  • Marcia - 5 years ago

    I originally voted against double dipping but after reading the article I understand why some people are still working and collecting pension money.
    They are trying to get more for their families but since it's taxpayer money it's an issue. If it was from a private company nobody would care.

  • X - 5 years ago

    All public pensions should be ended unless they are funded solely by employee's own funds. The days of taxpayer funded ridiculously extravagant pensions so far above the private sector as to make one cringe have passed.

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