Who made your favorite video?

  • Erikka - 7 years ago

    What a great idea!!! Good luck to the three of you!

  • Sarah Erpelding - 7 years ago

    Oh, Kama... Your lack of experience in film-making makes me laugh. You got my vote, hunny!

  • Jaquita Jackson - 7 years ago

    GO KAMA!!!!! I absolutely love it and am thinking about Nursing at Ivy Tech myself.....

  • Nancy Meeks - 7 years ago

    A single adult with children qualifies for way more financial aid that a single adult with no children. It might not feel that way. Just because someone chooses live at home, to save money, does not mean that they are less deserving of a scholarship, we do not know that family's financial situation. People may have things and life is going well, then the rug is yanked out from below! If one is an accountant and another is a nurse, the nurse will have a much greater income potential than the accountant, so if one were to use the "deserving" mentality the accountant would have a greater "need" for this scholarship. These things are NOT what this scholarship contest is about.

    Creativity and information are more what we are to base our vote...this is not about the car you drive, where you live, the number of children you have (or do not have), or the degree that one chooses.

    Best wishes to all 3 contestants!

  • tiffany - 7 years ago

    Kama is the winner!! Good luck with baby E Kama and Jaq!

  • CASSANDRA TOLBERT - 7 years ago


  • Rick Francies - 7 years ago

    As a graduate of IVTC I feel that Kama has wat it takes to win this and set a fine example for the next generation she is choosing to represent!
    Give her the shot and she will give many "shots" ion return!

  • Lee Ann Bybee - 7 years ago

    Daniel kept my interest and I also know more about Ivy Tech than before.

  • Michelle Immoos - 7 years ago

    Kama's was definitely my favorite. Two potential generations of Ivy Tech graduates!!

  • Conner Williams - 7 years ago

    WOW!!! These three are talented. There is such great creativity, and Ivy Tech is lucky to have the students promote their school. Daniel shows the most creativity, but Kama's stands out more to me. She's obviously not an actress (sorry, Kama), but people who deserve scholarships, or any sort of free money, are ones in greater need and not the ones with more talent. Either way, good luck to all of you!

  • Jan Adams - 7 years ago

    I second Nancy's good luck wishes! However, as a working adult with children who goes to school, I vote for KAMA! Working two jobs and having a mortgage/car payments/etc is challenging. You've got this, girl!

  • Nancy Meeks - 7 years ago

    Best Wishes to Brianna, Kama and Daniel. Daniel gets my vote because it is informative and entertaining. Having made one of these scholarship videos in the past (3rd place winner of the You Tube "Why Ivy Tech" Statewide Scholarship), I know it can be a challenge to determine what kind of video to perform. We should not be too critical of their efforts. One persons idea of creativity will differ from the next persons perception of what creativity means.

  • Cheryl Kelly-Brown (Brown) - 7 years ago

    All 3 students did an awesome job in capturing that Ivy Tech is all about "YOU" and the integral part it plays in each of your own personal, educational journeys. As an instructor, I see first-hand that Ivy Tech is Changing Lives and Making Indiana Great ! I'm so glad that each of you are a part of this transformation process and are excited to share your experiences with others. I wish all of you the best in this endeavor.

  • Dawn McBowers - 7 years ago

    Kama knocked out of the park! Awesome job!

  • Rodeline Constant - 7 years ago

    Daniel put more effort and creativity to this video. In my opinion, i enjoyed more and more fun involved because i can see his passion and caring.

  • Natalie A Campbell - 7 years ago

    While all three got the point across, I liked Brianna's because it was short and sweet.

  • Edna Mc Queen - 7 years ago

    Daniel proved to be the most informative, and very creative in his presentation.

  • Sam Simpson - 7 years ago

    Great job, Kama!

  • Penny Lipp - 7 years ago

    Kama is working hard toward her nursing degree, working two jobs and being a single mom. I think she had very good reasons on why people should go to Ivy Tech. Go Kama!!

  • Kelsey Freitas - 7 years ago

    Daniel seemed to put the most effort and creativity into his video and in my opinion that shows he cares the most.

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