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  • Emma Dreyer - 5 years ago

    Cummberbatch is excellent in the imitation game oh and Sherlock of course and Martin freeman what a pair they make

  • Harley J - 5 years ago

    Richard Armitage is an ABSOLUTE WINNER! There is no one to compare. His acting in The Hobbit trilogy is FLAWLESS BEYOND ALL WORDS!!!

  • Lissy - 5 years ago

    THE British Actor of the Year, as well as THE British Artist of the Year, can only be one:
    So contiune to vote for him!

  • mallory - 5 years ago

    Richard Armitage BECAME Thorin Oakenshield, Natalie is exactly right! In the entire trilogy, he was just, amazingly good! I read the book after watching the first movie ONLY because Mr. Armitage said he hoped people would read the book, I read it, and I was even more impressed on how he brought such a character to life so vividly and in such a likable way (unlike in the book) and yet you never lose sight of the fact that he is a king. And in "The Battle of the Five Armies", insanity is such a hard thing to act and it was sooooo well done, so, heartbreaking because he's a character I'd grown to really love and respect and to see him lose all sense of who he is broke my heart, but then to see him gloriously return, and of course his end! Oh, fantastic!!! It was like something out of Shakespeare...I just wish it didn't have to end :(

  • Natalie - 5 years ago

    Richard Armitage NEEDS to win he played (BECAME) ThorĂ­n Oakenshield SO brilliantly, and BEAUTIFULLY , His gift of acting is beyond compare no other can match his superb talents. All my love.

    . Sincerely , Natalie

  • Thorin Oakenshield - 5 years ago

    Richard Armitage's portrayal as Thorin Oakenshield was brilliant!
    He need's to win this award!

  • Isabella - 5 years ago

    Martin Freeman was brilliant in "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies" as in all "The Hobbit" films! :)

  • Katheryne Laine - 5 years ago

    Richard Armitage all the way!!!!!!

  • Rosalie Hynter - 5 years ago

    Tom Hiddleston not only appeared in 2014 in "Muppets: Most Wanted" as The Great Escapo, but played the lead as Adam in "Only Lovers Left Alive" and also voiced (and sang) Cabinboy James in the animated Disney film "Tinkerbelle and the Pirate Fairy"! And he was great :D

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