Women of Metal February 2015 Band of the Month (Poll Closed)

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Posted 5 years.


  • Julio - 5 years ago

    She is the Best!!!

  • Rich Mahogany - 5 years ago

    I have been into Music for nearly 30 years, as a fan,performer and now radio show host/producer...and I have not been this turned on by an entire album since being introduced to Led Zeppelin in my early days. Dark Beauty is ground breaking, and talented! This album has been produced masterfully and all the Musicians/technicians that took part in this epic masterpiece should be proud of it. The story told on this album is intriguing as it touches the imagination while leaving me wanting more!! Well done! I am very eager to see how this band of excellent Musicians follows up "Fall From Grace!"

  • David P Kelly - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty's music ....it's like becoming the character in the story totally transforming. Although I love this album I can't wait to hear what's next from them.

  • tabitha - 5 years ago

    Grave shadow all the way!! Love these guys!

  • Angela Terace Trippe - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty, musical phenomenon.... Liz Tapia's vocals are captivating, soul shaking and just pure perfection. The bands concept is intriguing and the musicians sound is as tight as a band can get. This group will become legends as their musical journey grows to its fullest depths.

  • chris - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty's album Fall from Grace is the best album I've heard in a long time. It is clean, pure dark, gold. Will still be among my top recommendations way into next year.

  • Sherry Rose - 5 years ago

    GRAVESHADOW is a GREAT band to see and hear in person! They can put a lot of bands to shame! They keep playing GREAT music to keep you coming back for more! "GO GRAVESHADOW"!!!

  • James rudin - 5 years ago

    #dbmi #Darkbeautymusic liz tapia rocks on in dark beauty

  • Count Von Shadow - 5 years ago

    Slippery When Wet loves Dark Beauty. The are stellar and really stand out in the musical crowd. If you have not yet listened to this amazing band you are missing out on a treat.

  • alan bane - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty hands down so much talent in this band.

  • Linda Vee Sado - 5 years ago

    Liz Tapia of Dark Beauty is an incredible vocalist

  • Tommy Tempest - 5 years ago

    Divine Ascension are amazing. They are the ones to watch. Their new album is flawless!

  • Mercedes tapia - 5 years ago

    great vocals and music superb

  • Corey Butler - 5 years ago

    Jen from Divine Ascension has an angels voice that rocks. When I first heard this band, I was blown away by her melodic vocal range. She's sexy as well.

  • Jeff Janow - 5 years ago

    I love the dark feel of the musical transitions, and the vocals are amazing throughout every song.


  • Maria Cobuzzi - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty the one and only the BEST!

  • Justin Sane - 5 years ago

    ALL of these bands Kick Ass!!! Me and Queen B Voted for Dark Beauty....EPIC Music with their 2014 Release of the concept album 'Fall From Grace'. Seriously Epic!!! Kudos to ALL of these artists in this poll....You ALL Rock Steady!!!!
    \m/ Justin & Queen B \ /

  • Dave Stone - 5 years ago


  • Jose Gonzalez - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty takes you on a journey woven with music and a tale of a Fallen Angel. Your mind is set free in their music, and your soul pulled by Liz's Vocals. One can close their eyes and delve into a world of emotions, and thoughts, wanting more of it to be told. It's only a matter of time when they're tale comes to stunning videos and even stage. It would be a Soulful Dark Rock Opera, As I dare say not since Phantom of The Opera. Let February be the Beginning of The Year of Dark Beauty!!

  • Mariko - 5 years ago

    Graveshadow is one to watch. They are powerful and imaginative and it is so fucking satisfying to hear those death growls pouring out of Heather Smith in every song. These guys know how to play to their strengths and have turned out a solid (not to mention incredibly fun!) first album.

  • Joshua Lehr - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty will lead the music revolution and shall be the first among an elite few to achieve world domination! Liz Tapia's unmatched vocals weave a spell that will leave the listener enchanted throughout the album and the melodies produced by her bandmates are truly unique and have yet to be replicated by anyone.

    Rooted in Classical music and progressive rock, Dark Beauty takes the listener on a journey through a mysterious realm known only by the name Markhum. They tell the tale of an Angel who has fallen from Heaven and is drawn deeper into a world of Demons and Darkness, ruling from a lone castle on a high mountain peak.

    Good luck trying to find a similar artist, because there is yet to be anyone who comes remotely close to the unprecedented style set by the New Jersey rockers!

  • Jonathan Moorcroft - 5 years ago

    Love this band awesome

  • Tim Augustine - 5 years ago

    Divine Ascension all the way. Awesome tunes, great solos, amazing atmospheric keys etc. I highly recommend both of their albums...especially Liberator

  • Joybelle - 5 years ago

    Love these guys

  • Samuel Pickering - 5 years ago

    I say DIvine Ascension. Their album 'liberator' kicks major ass and I would love to see them live. Killer band

  • Rick Frost - 5 years ago

    Dark Beauty consists of some incredibly gifted musicians. Their talent and gifts are matched by their vision and creativity. Put all of that energy behind a vocal force like Liz Tapia who shines like the Aurora Borealis throughout every song and you have force to be reckoned with! This is an amazing band and Liz is an incredible songwriter. February, I believe is Dark Beauty's Month to really shine!

  • billy collins - 5 years ago

    Love there music...8)

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