How risky is your behavior where your pet is concerned?

  • I let my dog outside to go to the bathroom without making sure he/she is on a tether or in a fenced yard.
    64 votes

  • I take hikes through the woods without my dog being leashed or on an attached long-line.
    55 votes

  • I frequently take my dog to community events where he/she could get scared or spooked (fireworks, car shows, county fairs, etc.).
    11 votes

  • I let my unleashed dog out of my house or yard to run down to the mailbox or to hop into my car.
    108 votes

  • I let my dog travel in my car with me without making sure he/she is secure (e.g., in a crate).
    240 votes

  • I do not use a harness or a martingale collar to ensure my dog will not slip off leash.
    94 votes

  • I often answer the front door without making sure my doing is in a sit/stay or secured from running out the door.
    79 votes

  • I have a high-prey dog that I frequently let off leash in an unfenced area.
    16 votes

  • I rely on an electric fence to keep my dog safe and prevent him/her from leaving the yard.
    13 votes

  • I have let my puppy play outside a fenced area without teaching him/her to come when called.
    8 votes

  • My yard has known holes or gaps in the fence that my dog can escape through.
    24 votes

  • I have let my untethered dog outside an unfenced area soon after moving to a new home or city.
    5 votes

  • I often have people coming and going in my yard (like gardeners or construction workers) and do not check to make sure the gates are closed.
    8 votes

  • I take my dog to family events where he/she does not know everyone.
    68 votes

  • I have placed my dog with a friend or family member who the dog does not know well.
    24 votes

  • I have a sighthound or a hound that I frequently let off leash or in an unfenced area.
    10 votes

  • When I go camping, I let my dog off-leash in the campgrounds or in the woods.
    21 votes

  • I often let my dog run and play in unfenced outdoor areas.
    53 votes

  • I have let my newly adopted dog outside my house or yard without being leashed.
    5 votes

  • I have a shy or skittish dog and frequently let him/her off leash.
    8 votes


Posted 5 years.