Did Bob McDonnell get a fair trial?

  • kay gee - 7 years ago

    First of all, as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he knew full well what he could and could not accept and what his family could accept. If he didn't know, he should have (and ignorance of the law does not excuse you.) Personally, I think he knew exactly what the law stated. Secondly, he knew their financial situation, so don't say his wife should bear full responsibility. He could have/should have stopped all of this. He knew she could not have afforded the dresses, the Rolex she gave him, the vacations, etc. Therefore, he is complicit in all of this. Let me add that being a Democrat does not make me revel in his sentencing. I am saddened that he did what he did and he has put a stain on our Commonwealth. Now I believe we deal with it as we should in our judicial system. He is not above the law. Anyone who breaks the law needs to face the consequences - Republican or Democrat or Independent.

  • Elizabeth Bruner - 7 years ago

    I don't believe Gov McDonnell should have gotten the most blame for these offenses. His wife, a greedy, needy, selfish, and self entitled woman is responsible for most of this. She was the one courting that Johnny fellow and requesting favors. It was never proven that McDonnell gave favors to this man. That woman is a piece of work and has destroyed a brilliant politician with a bright future. I don't believe he threw his wife under the bus, he just told the truth about her. What a shame she was First Lady of Virginia. She liked the power and walked around like she thought she was queen of VA. I hope she gets an equal or worse sentence than Gov McDonnell. I also don't think this outcome has saddened the democrats.

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