Do you think it's warranted to close schools because of cold?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jonathan Kingsley - 4 years ago

    Elizabeth has no sense of what she/it is talking about. You can get frostbite at any point, regardless of apparel (think realistically). Sure it may be slower, but with the Wind Chills making it feel colder and with children having to wait at a bus stop it CAN cause a problem for some children. Delays are a beginning, but I believe (Its the right thing) in these conditions. I'm no child, but I'm simply stating that its safer than having a kid get frostbite causing a bad reputation.

  • Elizabeth Mastroianni - 4 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY not!!! Maybe if it's -30 and you can here frostbite in seconds otherwise NO. The extreme cold is nothing new in NE and we've been dealing with it for eons now.

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