Which Online Music Service Do You Use the Most?

  • Perdre du poids - 11 years ago

    LastFM for me :)

  • Goodearl - 12 years ago

    Music suggestions - Imeem does a great job in suggesting tracks from groups you have already indicated your liking. When it comes to new groups, however it is lacking.

    Also, like LastFM, Imeem also informs you of when bands are coming to your area. This is great. Now, how can we get imeem to list local bands and DJs too?

  • Goodearl - 12 years ago

    I have yet to visit the sites mentioned above, but will certainly check them out.

    The great thing about LastFM is that it logs what you actually listen to on one's device. It would be better if there were a way to catalog music that is streamed from other sites too, as that would paint a more realistic picture of one's activities.

    I like Imeem because I am able to upload "my own" (purchased music I like) music and share it with the world. I do not upload everything, only the music I would like to share in hopes that others enjoy it and a) become a fan (supports the artists), b) buy the album (supports the industry) and/or c) goes to a concert (supports the artists). I can also create an online persona: that guru to go to if you are interested in Club Jazz or Nu Jazz.

    In regards to the social sides of LastFM and Imeem: Imeem is annoying because of the random friend requests. The object of is not to make a million friends, but to make friends along similar music taste; if you like the music, link it! If you really like the music, leave a comment and perhaps send a little note on why. (Perhaps this represents a difference in generation? I was born pre-1980) It is this social aspect of Imeem that really annoys me. Why send a friend request without a comment? There is nothing social about that. I only become friends with those who share a similar musical interests and actually socialize. And that is where LastFM blows Imeem out of the water. LastFM is truly social network of music lovers as opposed to a few lovers and a bunch of people uploading music and making random friends. Imeem was not always like this, however... it has gotten worse, as has MySpace and Facebook.

    In that respect, LastFM and Imeem are completely different.

    With regards to streaming music, rarely do I use the LastFM radio as I cannot directly control what I listen too... And in this day in age, who wants a "radio station" dictating what one hears and the order in which one hears it? Imeem offers choice as I am sure the other sites above do too. However, the suggestions are generally pretty bad... see why below.

    Being that Imeem is a social site, the most popular music is dictated by the listeners. This can be good, but it can also be a drawback. If you are a "music snob" (better stated, critical of what you allow into your ears and like to make judgments independently), then the Top 100 and suggested tracks/artists will really mean absolutely nothing to you. For example, there is no distinction between Dance and IDM, Drum & Bass, Lounge, Deep House, Club Jazz, etc. although users are allowed to tag their and others' tracks. All of this falls under "electronic" music. And then there the problem with World Music... but that discussion is for another place.

    MOG on the other hand is not as pretty as the others, though I have made friends who enjoy the same type of music. I have not been on in some time, but I really did not enjoy the design of the page...

    I do use the LastFM plugin as well as the Mixi (MySpace like social network from Japan) music plug in to log, chart and inform others of what I am listening too. Because these technologies are actually able to store my listening preferences, some sites (LastFM) do a great job in suggesting other bands. Imeem is way behind.

    On the Imeem Discover page, (where one would go to discover new bands, etc.) there is an "inbox" indicating that you have new e-mail from a really hot girl (in my case). When you click on it, it sends you not to your inbox, but to a site that asks for personal information and enters you into a contest to win a laptop computer. When I checked my real inbox, there was no e-mail the very attractive member of the opposite sex... I find that completely despicable, as many children use this site too and could tricked into giving out their address, etc.

    Visit me at Goodearl on/at either Imeem or LastFM or MOG and perhaps the other sites mentioned above!!!

  • Kevin - 12 years ago

    I still think Jango.com does the best job of merging free Internet radio with a social community.

    Their music library continues to grow...and my stations have always be sure to please. Keep up the good work Jango!

  • Larry - 12 years ago

    seeqpod is the best!

  • rpcutts - 12 years ago

    I'm a huge fan of Last.fm... maybe it's because I'm a sucker for statistics.

  • Tom Ferguson - 12 years ago

    what about SeeqPod.com?

  • john - 12 years ago

    Hey, what you mean, myplaylist is the best!

  • Mr Music - 12 years ago

    Best music service is Spotify. The others are silly.

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