Do You Stand With Charlie Hebdo?


  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Je ne suis pas Boko Haram. What about those 2000+ people that got charred in Nigeria by Boko Haram tho? And they complaining about 17 people 12 who were blatant jerks purposefully offending people over innocent women and children!!!! GTFOOH SMH. What happened to our girls tho? Oh I think Boko Haram used some of them as "suicide" bombs. Them same sambo African leaders marching in some damn free speech rally but aint say "boo" over some atrocious massacre that happened in their own continent by their own people. Sheesh talking about black on black crime smh.

    This has been your militant black report live from 125th St., HARLEM!


    Miss Krysable

  • Gem - 9 years ago

    Je ne suis pas Charlie. I am, apparently, an Islam-apologist? Le shrug.

  • 0roburos - 9 years ago

    Nope. I dont stand with him. Alot of people forget the Monkey Image of that Minister Of Justice. Nah i didn't forget. Sorry bruh.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    By the way (and because I'm really tired for making boxes straight in Microsoft Visio & editing PowerPoint) , I think that Don Lemon is the world greatest performance artist. This man's on air trolling of his guests is fine art, a magnum opus for assholes.

    Anyone who can ask a civil rights attorney does he support a terrorist organization or how a woman doesn't duck a rape-y comedian's dick like she's Neo in the Matrix is either brain damage or King of the Fuck Boys. Even Michael Steele called Lemon an asshole on Twitter.

    Sad to think that Don Lemon used to be half way decent journalist.

    But, Arsalan Iftikhar, was smoother than expensive leather in that interview. Most cats would have flipped that Negro off and possible flipped over the table.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    Karen (the Queen) and that random Negro....Roger is it?

    Okay, just a little levity but on a serious note - can the church give an Amen to Karen speaking the truth and shaming these White Devils.

    Islamophobia is just good old fashion racism remixed. Ignoring France's disgusting (but often overlooked) history of imperialism and racism in tandem with the growth of its "Muslim Immigrants" (Nuevo-French for "Niggers and Camel Jockeys") is foolish but par the course for white people. Sure you can mock the pope by making serve a condom as the communion wafer, because nobody is threatening to blow up a chapel the way French nationalists regularly threaten to blow up mosques. Mock the pope - a Catholic kid from Burgundy doesn't have worry about being denied jobs, housing or public assistance because of a) the version of the Abrahamic God he prays to and b) (more importantly) his ethic features. Not so for Pierre Ahkbar living in a southern French slum slinging weed to college kids because he can get work at a legit 9/5.

    As for Bill Maher - I watch his show often but fuck that dude! Not only are is arguments against religion so sophomoric any first year grad student could rip him a new one, he's also using his canard of "All Religions Is Stupid" to cover his blatant xenophobia. For all his bluster about the evils of Christianity, he wouldn't group Al Sharpton or Steven Colbert in with Pat Robertson, the Duck Dynasty Clan or the NAACP bomber. For a self-hating Jew, he can differentiate between Zionist kooks who push Palestineans out there homes or Haredis who refuse to get jobs or teach their sons anything but yiddish and the Torah and..say,..Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart.

    But he feels free to stay dumb fuck boy shit about Islam, even though as the host of a popular TV talk show, he could have real religious scholars discuss the topic.

    If he's going to talk about Islam - why isn't he talking to an actual experts on the matter like Reza Aslan or moderate Muslims in the mainstream like Keith Ellison? Hell, I would settle for Cornell West or Michael Eric Dyson - they're not Muslims (and neither am I by the way) but they're at least religious scholars who could actually educate his core audience of entitled, rich white douche bags about a faith and a world region that they probably know little about.

    But then again, this is the same asshole who thinks giving the Obama campaign a million dollars gives him the right to make racist, tired Dolemite jokes about a Harvard educated law professor. Bill Maher also wants to get in Bill Cosby's ass (as we all should) and wants to talk feminism but this jack ass brags about using black women like disposable napkins. So yeah, give him all of Chill's dicks in his mouth.

    Sorry, this is long as hell, normally I don't swear and I try to be reasonable - but seeing as I have many friends and family who are Muslim (including the only three managers I've actually liked as people in my career) and I can clearly see the parallels between this "Dem Crazy Muslims" and "that nigger deserved a that bullet" - this pissed me off to no end. I hope I didn't take up too much of your time. And now...back to working out these spreadsheets for this new client. Gotta make that paper, bitches!!


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