Who Has Worse Looking Feet?


  • Brittney - 8 years ago

    Claudia just got some corns from heels or too small shoes dan her feet is not that horrible at least that neat clean and soft lookin. Gary you just need some grease baby

  • Sugar - 8 years ago

    Gary's feet are worse. Claudia can have her corns removed, but Gary cannot remove those old man wrinkles....

  • Alta - 8 years ago

    Gary!!!! I think Kevin Hart told you to put some lotion on your feet. Why aren't you listening??? Look like some old chicken feet! LOL If Claudia didn't have those blisters, they would look fine. Looks like too much time standing in tight heels or something....... But they are struggle feet.

  • Chocolette - 8 years ago

    Gary you won this hands down. It's sad that Claudia ,is walking around with her feet looking like that. I can't believe she is trying to read somebody .Girl you really should of kept on your shoes. I know she is clawing up her sheets, on the regular. In James Brown voice PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane - 8 years ago

    Claudia's feet don't really look bad, she has blisters probably from the type of heels she wears, but besides those blisters her feet aren't bad. Gary's feet are dried and not healthy looking at all.

  • Latonia - 8 years ago

    In my Martin voice "Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Claudia

  • Joy - 8 years ago

    Poor Claudia. I understand her troubles? While my feet weren't that bad I had to have surgery on my toes. It had nothing to do with bad shoes or track it just genetics. But it is fixable. Bless her heart.

  • Brie Lovee - 8 years ago

    The shit on her feet looks like it's got some SHIT on its feet! Ughhh. Gary won this one. Go head Gary, least your feet don't look like they are about to transform! Haha ha!

  • shericka - 8 years ago

    Claudia your feet reminds me of the movie Boomerang. Them things got to go. I hope you have them fixed by now.

  • Mandi - 8 years ago

    Claudia...I just cant believe that they look like that omg...You are so beautiful but those feet...wow shocking!!

  • Monee - 8 years ago

    Ok Claudia I pray to God that your feet don't look like that. If so they have foot surgery and you need to schedule it ASAP. Gary you need to put some vaseline on your feet when you get out the shower along with some socks. You can make them look nice. I LOVE the black...

  • rochanda - 8 years ago

    If my feet looked like that, I couldn't do it!!! (Claudia) I hope like hell, that was a joke, lol. Gary ( Vaseline)

  • Mia - 8 years ago

    Claudia you should have got those dogs fixed a long time ago!! I know several people that ran track and they feet don't look like yours!! I think you wore shoes that were too small or cheap as shoes will do it too!!

  • Na-Na - 8 years ago

    She know better,its know way a female feet better yet human feet should look like that... they look like they hurt and tired

  • teddybear - 8 years ago

    Please don't let her take her shoes off again.

  • Trell - 8 years ago

    Gary you have old lady feet...you need to rub them down with some Vaseline ASAP! :) love you Gary!

  • Chantea - 8 years ago

    DAMN that was real.
    Claudia feet is a mess...No way in hell I would have showed my damn feet looking like that

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