Should Mitt Romney run for president again?
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  • Bill1852 - 7 years ago

    The 2016 election has already been decided by the Democrats as Madame President will complete the ascent of a woman and come crashing through the glass ceiling. The Republicans will need a flashy place-holder and a re-tread will do just fine. Regrettably the bane capitalist could not mount an effective challenge to a sitting president that had been thoroughly hammered by the right wing conspiracy propaganda machine.

    The Republicans having convinced themselves that President Obama should be a one-term president, sort of a failed experiment at American Socialism, still could not deliver the knock-out punch. It did not help the bane capitalist that he insulted ½ of the voters by implying that they were not pulling on their oars.

    Since Mitt was no actual chance of winning, it matters little if he is a true conservative, or if he is a legitimate Christian or even if he “don’t pay no taxes”. Because it just doesn’t matter.

    “Good morning Madame President, your tea is ready”.

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