Do you support or oppose a proposed program to make community college tuition-free for students? (Poll Closed)

  • Oppose
    37 votes

  • Support
    225 votes


Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • Barbara francis - 5 years ago

    In Mo. there is Ozark College and the students work while going to college ..this is a great for it

  • Edith Seaman - 5 years ago

    The GI Bill was one of the greatest investments this country ever made. It allowed 9 million veterans to go to college and produced the great middle class after WWll. The economy grew because of it. I see no downside to doing it again

  • Jim Smith - 5 years ago

    Obama's comment was, "Everyone should get Community College free, if they are willing to work for it." I don't know what that work would be but it sounds reasonable. Everyone gets a win when we turn out well educated youth. We do it up to the 12th grade why not two more years? I'll chip in my tax money for a better educated citizenry. This seems like a win/win situation. A win for the students and a win for the U. S. Let's do it!

  • cathy alt - 5 years ago

    When is anything free? Someone will have to pay for this and it will fall on the taxpayers. It sounds like a wonderful idea...but, in this Country at this time....nothing is free.

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