Was Carl Bordelon Treated Fairly By the Media?


  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Of course he was doing a good job, and he shouldn't have arrested McNair based on the info, but he definitely deserved the clowning. At the end of the day, the story is so memorable because it truly is fun, and the one who got bamboozled was the cop, so we make fun of him.

  • Jason Clayden - 3 years ago

    An amazing and entertaining {if not for anyone but readers} story. The absolute confident and relaxed persona of the prisoner would have disarmed anyone but the hardest ass that day, the only person who would have nabbed him on those tracks would have been a aggorant, unlawful officer with a chip on his shoulder.. For the police who do things by the book however the police man did the right thing. No one but the prison were to blame. Certainly not the police officer and definately not the prisoner who saw his chance and took it. All in all a great story and one that deserves to be seen. Teaches law officers how to act.

  • Bayron - 3 years ago

    Fascinating story. Makes me want to visit the small town of Ball, LA. Great read. Also, kinda funny I rarely see my name anywhere (bayron).

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