Was Transformers: Age of Extinction the worst film of 2014?

Posted 4 years.


  • John Holmes - 2 years ago

    @Rick If your mind is motivated to make a comment condescending others for expressing their opinions on a TWO YEAR OLD POST, then who really has the shitty life here?

  • Rick - 2 years ago

    If your day was ruined by watching this movie then your life must be so shitty that a movie has that much influence on you. Hilarious.

  • Hadi Albouni - 3 years ago

    I specifically came here to say that this movie is terrible. It honestly is one of the worst movies I've seen so far. Physics laws are broken, graphics, which probably cost millions, was ruined by crappy acting (which I think the actors weren't paid as much as they should have been) they were sell outs and honestly, the comic side of the movie wasn't funny. Michael Bay is really going downhill, and this is not something I would ever even finish if I didn't have to. I would have stopped an hour in the movie. The actors' reactions, never made sense. At points when the main character lost his daughter, seemed like he was experiencing the disappointment of losing 1000 dollars, not the destroying pain of losing your daughter. I've never said this about a movie before, but it was a huge waste of my valuable time, and I think if not just waste my time, it really had ruined my day. Michael Bay is over, if this is how his movies will be. Unless he realizes the issues he neglected this movie. I mean all transformers movies had issues, but none were this bad to the point that it's gotten me complaining about every scene in the movie. Truly a terrible movie, horrible plot, bad scripts and they really went off the trail of transformers they were on the first couple of movies. It's just a commercial, idiotic, loud, and messy chaos followed by a terrible plot and horrible acting.

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