Who has the better burrito?


  • Miss Krysable - 8 years ago

    Did my fat girl shuffle when Qdoba came to my town. Chipotle wayyy too hyped up. They the same folk who think Olive Garden is authentic Italian that be all up in Chipotle's booty hole.

    Matter of fact was chowing down on a taco salad at QDOBA when I heard yall talk about Qdoba!!! WHaaaaaa Mex-Inception....


    Miss Krysable

    Oh by the way....I told you so Rod that hip hop was turning into jazz it wasn't going to die but fade in the back while a new young black musical genre springs forward but you was straight obstinate in your wrong rightness in that hip hop now and forever. And all of a sudden last week talking bout how hip hop is fading with the rise of folk like Iggy Azalea. OOOHhhhhhhh I need to do a Vine with me dancing and telling you I told you so . Know what let me find the episode with you trying to argue me down before I set up my Vine production. I'm doing some praise dancing at church now toooo OH the epic choreography!!!!!!

    I'm at work if these chillens dont bother me I might have to call in and do my verbal dougie of righteousness.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    I don't eat Mexican food but I am in charge of catering the food of a weekly class that takes place every Tuesday. Whenever I ask the group if they would like Chipotle or Qdoba they always say Qdoba. It is something about the queso that they like more.

  • terrill - 8 years ago

    the hell both of these restaurants are in every city why is "I haven't tried both so i can't judge" winning this poll.

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