Will It Snow in Portland This Winter

  • Gregory Carich - 7 years ago

    It's telling that the poll is even with no snow this winter and "it never snows in PDX." To those of us from snow country, yes, "it never snows in PDX." (What does that do to KPTV's "unstoppable" ad? Hmm...what's so tough about rain, usually gentle, at any temp? But, I digress.) Alas, for us tough winter people, we have to accept the NWS definition of measurable snow. Yes, I believe it will snow, at least .1", this winter.

    I'm hoping for much, much more. Not hopeful, however.

  • Cathy Schmidt - 7 years ago

    I'm no meteorologist, but I can guess with the best of them after 65 years in Portland! I think it may snow measurably, but not hang around for long. My 81 yr old husband, said it snowed on his birthday, March 2nd, eons (in the early 50's) ago. So we GUESS anything is possible. (Have to laugh at the "never snows in Portland" people), they would deny Mt St. Helen's would never erupt!


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