Do you support a plan to remove four semi-mature trees from QEII Square in favour of installing smaller trees with sun lounges? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    14 votes

  • No
    672 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Noel - 4 years ago

    The removal or non-removal of the trees should only be determined in the context of what AlburyCity and its people want the block bounded by Dean, Kiewa, Swift and Olive Streets to look like in 10 to 15 to 20 years' time. Removing the trees for a short-term cultural precinct that was superseded by another plan for the whole block that could benefit from the trees would be short-sighted planning. The current problem with QEII Square is that a significant portion comprises 'backs of' buildings. This results in a large lawn area with limited use, in contrast with the fabulous squares encountered all over Europe where human interface abounds. What about a Town Planning Report before further action? Has the long-term big picture been considered?

  • Hmmm - 4 years ago

    Daybeds will cost a mint to replace after every other post pub post night club drunk monkey decides to sleep, or do other stuff on them.

  • Tracy Bean - 4 years ago

    Oops some correctiins....damming auto-correct.
    I meant 'sunsmart' not 'outsmar' &'weir' not 'weird'

  • Tracy Bean - 4 years ago

    What a ridiculous idea, aren't we suppose to be outsmart? I don't see the Albury Council supporting that! Also what happens in 10-15yrs time when a person who regularly use these sunbeds gets diagnosed with skin cancer,will they come back & sue the council for not supplying shade & Sun cream, or is Sun cream going to be on tap with the sun lounges? More UN-necessary costs for Alburians!
    I don't know ANYONE who'd want to sunbake on display in the centre of town, it's quite a bit different to sunbaking at the pool, river, weird or in our own back yard.

    Really council members listen to your people, over 98% of people have voted to keep the trees, they are beautiful and help make the city to look beautiful. People, families & friends gather under those tress & enjoy their shade & the grass.

  • Wilhelmina Warburton - 4 years ago

    Why does everything have to be in being with the new Youth Cafe. Why wasn't the new Youth Cafe put into the Cafe that was built as part of the Library/Museum. No the Council just wants to spend more money and wreck our historic buildings
    It is absolutely a disgrace what Councils think they can do with ratepayers money and pulling down everything that their fore bearers have done for the cities. Shame on the Council

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