Does It Make You A Prostitute To Look For A Sugar Daddy / Mama?

  • Miss Krysable - 7 years ago

    Autocorrect is the devil. Poussin, I don't know that heffa I was trying to type person.

    And *money IS all secondary and what not.

    My bad y'all.

    Please don't beat me

    Daddy noooooo

  • Miss Krysable - 7 years ago

    Leave them girls be! If I wasn't too burdened by a really annoying conscience shoot what! Def would get my sugar baby on but nooooo I have to actually at least like the Poussin inside and out before I have sex with them and money and all secondary and what not to character and general good person-ery before I have sex with someone sheesh I'm such a dweeb.

    But to folks talking about dis prostitution...ssssstop it! Stop! No matter of fact y'all right. We women shouldn't seek stability especially not black women. Mmt mmm nope. We need to use as Karen would say sympathy and empathy to decide who to have sex with. PITY SEX FOR EVERYBODDDDYYY! As far as the household. You know us black women are supernatural magical negroes who are everything to everybody and have zero needs, wants and desires of our own. Matter of fact when we start to get nice things we literally start to spoil and that's when our good black starts to crack. So fellas by no means should you go out of your way to capture the attention of or impress us. We love broke, ashy, unmotivated mama's boys.

    The ashier the better mmph YUM!

    Miss Krysable

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