Complete this sentence: I'm an African immigrant in the US and I call myself____.

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  • Octavia May - 6 years ago

    I am not an immigrant. My ancestors were Slaves here in the United States and we call ourselves what we have been FORCED to call ourselves. After the Civil War, my ancestors were free on paper only. We have been struggling ever since.

    I resent the attitude of African Immigrants who think they can tell us what our problem is when they did not have our experience. Those so-called White do-gooders who came to your aid in Africa were not so kind and gentle to us. That you are able to immigrate to the United States at all is due to African-American Leaders who fought our government for that privilege for you and all others who the United States label MINORITIES. African-Americans have fought, bled and died for every little gain. We had to fight to get some kind of Education then we had fight to get hired. We still have the same fight 150 years after Emancipation. I was born 67 years after emancipation and I experienced racism and discrimination up front and in my face since I was born in the piney woods of East Texas. So you johnny-come-lately African immigrants to the United States don't get to tell me how I should feel and act. We are hated and abused because we have African blood and look like YOU!

    You don't have to be here long before you too will get the nigger treatment ... that is unless you are in denial. We could easily tell you immigrants a thing or two about your own shortcomings too. You guys didn't do too well in your OWN land and were not enslaved as our forebears were. Our forebears were almost reduced to beasts of burden. The Ruling Class wanted us to become and to agree that we were/are subhuman and as quiet as it is kept, they feel the same way about you as well. They hate anything with a drop of AFRICAN blood.

    I am too angry to go on.

  • kiflu - 7 years ago

    Eye opening &thank you.

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