SPEAK UP: Have you been on the Walkway over the Hudson in 2015? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should owners have the right to sell land's mineral rights? 120 YES, 27 NO

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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • RIP - 5 years ago

    What started as a very nice idea for the Hudson Valley has become a breeder for a new form of disrespect, and arrogance. These are the bicyclists ! They whiz around so close that if walk to the left or right for sight seeing, your safety is at total risk.
    No Longer feel safe at any speed on the walkway.

  • Brad Nathington - 5 years ago

    Since I live on a bench on the walkway due to being taxed out of my home by the Dictator Cuomo, yes I have been on it every day so far.

  • Sean Scotti - 5 years ago

    Given that it's not even 3 weeks into 2015, and that it's been bitterly cold much of those 3 weeks, I have hardly had the chance or desire to go there because I don't wish to freeze to death. The better question may be, "Do you plan to go on the Walkway Over the Hudson?" If that were the question then my answer would be a resounding "yes".

  • Mel - 5 years ago

    The cold weather has slowed down my bridge walking, but I've managed to get about 5 days in so far.

  • EC - 5 years ago

    The one and only time I've been on the walkway was in 2012.

  • Rose Miller - 5 years ago

    It's only 20 days into 2015. Great question.

  • J - 5 years ago

    We went regularly with my dogs when the Walkway opened. Then we walked but drove over the bridge in order to enter from the New Paltz entrance. Then because of bike congestion and lack of consideration for pedestrians and concern for the startled dogs we stopped going.

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