Should Austrians change the name of the grape "Zweigelt", knowing that Fritz Zweigelt was a convinced nazi?
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  • Madi - 7 years ago

    Should the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot change its name because I think Cortot had (bad) acquaintances with Vichy's government around 1940? I don't think so... What is most interesting for the students there (I was one of them and became then a professional pianist) is that he was a marvellous pianist and pedagogue. We just need to know his past, and we are able to think ourselves about this. What I find a "little" bit more disturbing: I used to be a musicologist when I lived in Paris. This school have an incredible past and history, musical but not only, it was a part of some big moments of social history too. I dreamed to work on the archives of the school. But due to the embarassing past of Alfred Cortot concerning WW2, I was not allowed to access to these documents... what a pity :-( A musicolgist work and publication would maybe have been the best way to balance the life and the work of this man... So, not changing the name of the school, but telling the truth about the person, not hiding it!

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