Which Anime Should I Watch This Season?

  • Charles - 7 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions and votes, all!

  • Tommy - 7 years ago

    I voted for Silver Spoon. I have no idea what it's like, but that title is the most intriguing of any up there.

  • Jeremy - 7 years ago

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was simply hilarious and pretty cool to watch certain things unfold, so it immediately got my vote :D

  • Richard - 7 years ago

    Silver Spoon! It has two series so if you like it (and you will) there's more to enjoy; it's informative (dare I say educational?) especially to non-farmers; it has a lot of great characters and good character development; the artwork is charming. I was addicted to it while it was showing - it bordered on "Your lie..." for watchability and engagement.

    Shirobako would get my vote as well as a currently airing show, also very watchable although less engaging I think.

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