Why Are You Attending Church Less?


  • tim mark - 5 years ago

    You have an incomplete and legalistic view of what Messiah came to do. Until you reconcile the sin problem of the human race before God, you are stuck serving the Law which can not make those practicing the Torah Perfectly Justified by Messiah's death and resurrection. This was His mission. "Unless a man be born again he can not see the Kingdom of God."

  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    There is no charge for anyone to attend church, tithe to a pastor, or even pray for that matter. Read Matthew the sermon on the Mount of Olives was given for the purpose of answering the many questions raised by the coming of Yahowsha (errantly known as Jesus). Do the words ; "Do not believe that I have come to negate the Towrah" mean anything at all? "Not the smallest part of the smallest letter will be negated from the Towrah, until the heavens and earth pass away".
    The church claims the teaching, instructions, and guidance (Towrah) of Yahowah have been negated by their Jesus. Yet the church offers no means to know the will of God nor how to be reconciled accept to have faith? Faith in what? How is one to have faith? Faith is the absence of knowing and understanding. You have faith Jesus is going to save you?

    Psalm 19:7 "Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive."

    Psalm 119: 1 Blessed and happy (‘ashry – properly guided and enjoyable, straight and favorable) is the Way (derek) to becoming innocent, perfect, and entirely blameless (tamym – to becoming totally righteous, sound, perfectly healthy, whole, and complete, unimpaired and right, in absolute accord with the truth) by walking (halak – existing and following) in (ba) the Towrah (Towrah – the teaching and instruction, the guidance and direction) of Yahowah (Yahowah). 2 Properly guided (‘ashery – blessed and happy) are those who are saved and preserved (nasar – who are those spared, protected and kept safe and secure) by His testimony (‘edah – His witness). They genuinely seek to have a relationship with Him and His witness (darash – they desire to know more about it and Him, to petition, consult with, and ponder it and Him, to look to it to find Him, to really care about it and Him, and consistently rely upon the witness and its author) for all (la kol) time (dowr – in every age and generation).

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