Should flags be flown at half-mast to honour the death of King Abdullah?

Posted 4 years.


  • David Howells - 4 years ago

    So going by some of the comments here we should be polite and respectful if a foreign ruler passes away...despite their human rights record. What a load of tosh...we are brown nosing to somebody who did little to progress the rights of his citizens, who beheaded more people than you can shake a stick at and whose rule of law is as draconian as you can get. All this because of oil and arms...the UK government may be acting in the best interests of the country but it is displaying a complete lack of moral integrity !

  • Ali - 4 years ago

    The respect and support shown by the government and people of Britain is a show of a civilized nation that has stood by the principle of bringing unity within the international community.
    King Abdullah was loved by his people. He was very close to us and he wanted to bring a positive change in this country in defiance of the many forces that worked against his will.
    Thank you for your condolences and for using your right to vote so responsibly.

  • hala ali jumaan - 4 years ago

    God bless aeboumtab

  • Abdulla jassim aldoseri - 4 years ago

    الله يرحمك يا بو متعب

  • Haifa - 4 years ago

    Its a symbol of respect and yes i truly believe the death of saudi arabias king should be hounered

  • George - 4 years ago

    It is a symbol of sympathy and Saudi Arabia is a very important country. I believe UK should maintain a strong relationship with Saudis.

  • Sara - 4 years ago

    I proudly respect lowering the flag and find it so touching and genuine.. It is paying a respect to a country. If a ruler in any other country passed away Saudis or any country should pay its respect. The fact of situations occurring in one country should be respected and understand that it is their belief whether we agree or not. Find peace and stop being hipicrit.. There is consequences all around the world with every countries rules and regulation. If ones disrespected it they would get punished for it. We judge as a perspective but not think how corrupt it is by taking opinion and leading to chaios. Then let's all be rulers.. Aren't we all at home! How do u know if someone else is judging you and ur actions toward ur lifestyle or the way u talk to ur parents or kids.. Nothing impresses anyone now a days. Have love and respect there are bigger issues going around these days and disrespecting a country and paying consequences isn't the main one.
    Women are rapped in africa kids too. You've got sentence deaths in the usa. Pollution and toxicication world wide.. But above all we do pay our respects! Thank you United Kingdom !

  • jackie - 4 years ago

    good riddance. now ditch the rest of the braindead twunts and let the planet prosper in peace and love

  • penguin legs - 4 years ago

    idiots like this with twisted abhorrent beliefs have no place in this universe. stop the spread of pain hate murder torture etc. annihilate them alk and get along with creating the pleasant happy world we can make without bigoted deluded muppets.

  • thetruth - 4 years ago

    murdering inhuman muppets like this should be turned into dog foid, along with all those that agree with the genocidal nature of islam. bring on a nice happy world

  • Peter Lim - 4 years ago

    Craven and disgraceful! An extreme form of Islam, Wahabism, spread and financed by Saudi money has poisoned and radicalised Muslims all over the world. Most 9/11 perpetrators were Saudis, Osama bin Laden is Saudi, Saudi money financed ISIL. The Saudi Royal family should be put on trial, not honoured.No more need to be said.

  • selina innes - 4 years ago

    De Mortis nihil nisi bonum......

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