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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • Art Telles - 5 years ago

    I will vote for Ted...

    Sure, my favorite Texas Federal U.S. Senator was born in Canada, but if he is chosen in the primary as the Republican candidate, I will vote for him in the general election.


    'Cause it is up to the Electors of the Electoral College to have the FINAL say on who IS or is NOT "...eligible to the Office of President" as Article II Section 1 Clause 5 explicitly says.

    If the Electors fail to properly vet another POTUS candidate, it's not my responsibility as a member of WE the People to vet any candidate, although I am still free to express my informed opinion.

    Below is my informed opinion, more fully explained on my blog Original Birther Document.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Since the 1787 "Union" of America
    A John Jay "Natural Born Citizen" Means ONLY One Thing

    The "higher hurdle" essence of John Jay’s clear and coherent
    "original genesis original intent" IS simple:

    ONLY U.S. soil
    ONLY birth on U.S. soil
    ONLY to two U.S. citizen parents
    ONLYmarried to each other
    ONLY before their child is born
    ONLY single U.S. Citizenship


    The "lower hurdle" essence of neo-birther's confusing and incoherent
    "new meaning" is NOT simple:

    U.S. soil OR foreign soil
    birth on U.S. soil OR foreign soil
    to two OR one OR zero U.S. citizen parents
    married OR NOT married to each other
    Before OR after their child is born
    Dual citizenship—U.S. AND foreign

    U.S. Constitution: The Original Birther Document of the Union
    ( http://originalbirtherdocument.blogspot.com/ )

    The Original "Birther" Document of the perpetual "Union"
    The "perpetual Union" as clarified by Pres. Lincoln in his first inaugural address in 1861
    See paragraph #14 at Bartleby.com ( http://www.bartleby.com/124/pres31.html )

  • RC76 - 5 years ago

    TED CRUZ blacklisted & loving it !

  • Jose - 5 years ago

    Jindal is very conservative he should get more votes.

  • Cathie Adams - 5 years ago

    Run, Ted, Run!

  • morris adkins - 5 years ago

    Cruz is eligible to run fro president , get informed. quit causing doubt!

  • Scarlett - 5 years ago

    How long are we going to carry on with Cruz can, nope he can't, because he is not a natural born citizen. Are these same people that have said nothing about what is in the WH now? It will be 2016 when we vote and I think by that time we had better make up our minds if we are going to let Cruz run and of course win. Because if this argument goes right up till the last minute we will lose valuable votes for Mr. Cruz. The lizards will have us chasing our tails right up to election day on this one.

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    Im glad you reposted this. I assumed the popup was an ad

  • Bill Sessa - 5 years ago

    What a slate to choose from…….No wonder we lose time and time again.

  • guest - 5 years ago

    There are 3 contenders that are not eligible to run Cruz, Jindal and Rubio. Not Natural Born Citizens.

  • quinn_the_eskimo - 5 years ago

    what a miserable pop up!

  • BearNJ - 5 years ago

    This pop up is impossible to clear. I guess you want me to vote for Cruz all night.

  • MK Dunn - 5 years ago

    Send a CRUZ missile to clean up the WH and WashDC in 2016

  • NPC - 5 years ago

    Yes I could see a Cruz and Walker ticket too. They're both strong and determined conservatives and believe in sticking with and to the U S Constitution.

  • Frank Johnson - 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is going to be our next President..... a true Conservative with the brains and nerve to get this Country back in charge of world affairs..... No more lying, crooked, cowards like the President and his Liberal Puppets that are now screwing this Country everyday..... Two more years of this Jackass, thank GOD!!!!!!!

  • Omaeileen - 5 years ago

    Cruz/Walker ticket!

  • G-Unit - 5 years ago


    Cruise Control 2016

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