Do you forgive Anthony Mackie now that he's further explained his point?

  • Blaqq Rob - 7 years ago

    Anthony "Wacky Tacky" Mackie's comments weren't anything new- black people have been saying that same type of respectability bullshit for generations and many black people still believe that stuff to this day. Thing is tho, we off that respectability shit. There is no checklist or set of guidelines that black people can simply follow to avoid racism or discrimination. Simply wearing your hair a certain way, dressing a certain way, or behaving as a "respectable negro" does not end mistreatment at the hands of racists. The other problem with his comments and his type of thinking: it takes responsibility for ending racist and discriminatory treatment out of the hand of those perpetrating the the mistreatment, and places the onus on the victim to end said mistreatment. Wacky Tacky Mackie better just go back to doing push ups smilin real hard before he fuck up that Marvel money. Don Cheadle aint but a phone call away my nigga....

  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    When he said "Wacky Tacky Bush" I forgave him completely because I'm going to start using phrase. But as it comes to his comments he is still wrong. I think all of these black celebrities needs to work on being politically correct. Just like Kendrick, Mackey went too far and missed his goal of trying to sound fair and balanced. They start with some comment on how we all need to come together but always uses an example of what black people need to do. This shit used to slide but now "Black Twitter" will eat you alive if they catch you saying some dumb shit. I don't think you can have a intellectual conversation on these topics without making some white people mad. So if you don't want to really talk about, just say "next question."

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