What's the best Super Bowl halftime show ever?

  • Paris - 7 years ago

    I'm goning to say Michael Jackson,i like all of them but i thing Michael is the best

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    It's funny when you see polls like this and you know the hard core fans are cheating by using poll daddy cheats to rig the poll. 1 I don't really care for any of these artists Jackson was a sick disturbed man who slept with young boys it's sick to support a man like that period! And Madonna is all about posing people off and supports gays which is ok no one should be discriminated against even if some think it's wrong Beyonce is trash too. Paul was a bore Janet is a has been stripper etc. But the one that actually did the best was the latest tramp Madonna no one even come close even if it was the gayest thing I've ever seen on the Super Bowl she nailed it.

  • carlos rivera boricua - 7 years ago

    Con todo respeto a todos, pero el espectaculo mas electrizante, mas complete en donde se realizo con verdadera musica fue el de Prince. Mren los videos y comparen.

  • carlos rivera boricua - 7 years ago

    Con todo respeto a todos, pero el espectaculo mas electrizante, mas complete en donde se realizo con verdadera musica fue el de Prince. Mren los videos y comparen.

  • scarlett95 - 7 years ago

    Madonna - the one of most EPIC performances i've ever seen!

  • mj lover - 7 years ago

    michael is the best but i dont want to be rude to the non mj lovers but come on you have to like one song at least one michael jackson song that is still a mj lover. MJ LOVERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! :)

  • noeila monserrat jackson scruce - 7 years ago

    Michael Jackson sera siempre el mejor de todos los tiempos por eso es el rey del pop por siempre

  • gigi - 7 years ago

    Haha! Louis MJ's superbowl is the most watched one! He made it Guinness Record! Madonna can not get any spot while michael jackson is in there. And he still has more fans than anyone ;)

  • karan - 7 years ago

    Fuck you all the MJhaters!!! _l_
    All hail to THE KING MICHAEL!!♚♚

  • maria - 7 years ago

    Please be gentry and respect together. King of pop is the best performance forever and he was a pioneer artist in super bowl halftime show. who changed the Super Bowl halftime show tradition forever and had more than 133 million in USA and more than this in other countries. with respect to other artists, he was one and only king of pop forever.
    God bless him and all of you, fans

  • Louis - 7 years ago

    Well, based on numbers of viewers, Madonna takes top spot. As she should.

  • Virginia - 7 years ago

    In my opinion, Michael Jackson had the best preformance, because he is very talented, but I wish moonwalkers wouldn't hate on Madonna fans or any other fanbase. King of Pop forever

  • ssibbal ram - 7 years ago

    시빨람들이 슈퍼볼은 하프타임이아니라 경기맛으로보는거란다 쒸빨람들아 서로 지랄들이네 마이클잭슨 까는 병신같은 마돈나팬이나 거기에 욕해서 똑같은놈되려는 마이클잭슨 팬이나;

  • Alison - 7 years ago

    Estupendo El Rey y La Reina de primero! Te amo Michael sabia que hibas a ganar!

  • 아따 빝갤형님오셨슴까 - 7 years ago

    아가들아 비틀즈갤 행님오셧다 싸물어라

  • agari ssamula - 7 years ago

    거 더럽게 징징대네 쒸빨람들이 두개골 망치로 쪼개버릴라 서로좋아하는 아티스트는 안까길바란다 마돈나 팬새끼들아 가만히 있어라 괜히 가만히있는 문워커들 건들지말고 형은 폴맥팬이라 기분 좆같으니까 가만히 있어라 빝갤 흥해라

  • 마이클잭슨이지 ㅄ들아 - 7 years ago

    Michael Jackson for sure. rest of the shows were good performances but superbowl halftime show became best artist's honorable show BECAUSE OF MJ. he uplifted it into legendary level! and considering it was at 1993, MJ's one is still the greatest of all. he didn't rely on special effects and backgroud dancers- it was HIM who killed the show and make it sensational! He also broke audience& TV watching audience records of super bowl. The most important thing is that he send the message of love, peace and equality through the show, which no ohther performers did ever.

  • genelie - 7 years ago

    To all madoNna fans, are you peoplE excited to watch her in this year's grammys? I heared this performance will be awesome.!! Are you guys excited???

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ - 7 years ago

    마잭갤러 누구냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Annie the Pirate Fox - 7 years ago

    i dont get it just because michael is loved.and famous why dont ppl vote for janet tjey both made a song together so if i cpuld i would vpte for her to cause that is mean ppl be like: oh no one cares about janet only micael because i love him janet be like:why does everyone cate about my brother and not me we both are famous ajd i thought both loved... so see guys oh and guess who i am with janet yerself with paris i met them last year in paris over my summer brake

  • Matalino - 7 years ago

    Edralyn De Oro, kung ganyan ka ba naman ng ganyan di walang away. Hindi natin kailangan magsalita ng masama sa kapwa natin ng wala naman silang gnagawang masama, at hindi dapat tayo manghusga ng tao. Peace! God bless us all.

  • 뭐라씨부리냐 you are jong gan na - 7 years ago

    뭔마잭이게이냐마돈나팬년들지니까존나아가리터네씨불년들 콧구멍이랑눈알잡고볼링쳐버릴랑까

  • Rolf - 7 years ago

    I'm a huge fan of Madonna and if MJ is the winner of this poll, we don't have to say bad words against the king of pop and should respect the result and the choice of the voting public......besides Madonna still around and making good music and she's still the QUEEN OF POP.....for me.....it's ok if Madonna placed second to the king........

  • zayn - 7 years ago

    Madonna was good but MJ of course!!

  • Ben - 7 years ago

    Just disgusting reading through some of these childish ass, ignorant and completely hateful comments. What are you all that are doing this...8 years old or something??? All of you all that have been saying seriously ugly shit, especially the sorry ass Madonna fans calling Michael Jackson a .... ...... you all to a one should be ashamed of yourselves for being so ugly about a man that did so much good in this world and who was much more than an outstanding talent. He can't even defend himself, pretty punk ass to me for those that are saying that shit and those laughing at it.
    Wouldn't want to know not a one of you.

    I am sure Madonna is soo proud to have fans like you.
    Nor should any MJ or any other artists fans be doing this type of bullshit. Just a sorry pathetic bunch for those involved, you know who you are ... if the shoe fits. Just sounds desperate and full of jealousy to me. There is room for everyone, if you don't realize it yet...feel hella sorry for you that feel it's necessary to do this crap. Your idols, whoever they are don't give a shit but they sure as hell would be ashamed to have such shitty fans, I'm fairly certain.

  • MJ - 7 years ago

    Fuck all mj haters hope you go to hell lol ☺️

  • ferddie - 7 years ago

    I love you melissa! U are right respect the queen and the king! No hatred!!

  • ssibal sekki - 7 years ago

    쒸벌놈들이 투표 쳐밀린다고 아가리 드럽게터네 쒸뺼럼들아

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    Respect both queen and king. poll is just a poll. period!

  • f - 7 years ago

    :) madonna

  • edralyn de oro - 7 years ago

    I'm sorry to all mj fans!! I was just doing thid because I love madonna so much. I'm also influenced by mj, but please don't judge me. Sorry for all the damaged! I know michael and madonna fans are also good friends right?

  • demi - 7 years ago

    Michael and madonna!

  • imelda - 7 years ago

    Correct! To all madonna fans respect and love mj. We are so lucky bec madonna is still alive and we can even see her performing, unlikE mj he is gone, but his legacy will remain forever! Longlive the queen and the king!

  • wally - 7 years ago

    To all madonna fans, please do not say bad things about mj. Madonnas mentor is mj and they are good friends. Madonna is so sad about what's happening in this arguments. A true madonna fans will be glad if mj won this poll. They are legendary. Let's not compare them bec they have their own legacy. Let us promote the real essence of a bitch madonna fan. Respect to the king! If madonna knows how to pay tribute and respect to the king, we should also do that. We are all educated and remember we are all supporters of love, peace and no violence. On the other hand, instead of bashing mj, let us just support madonnas new album rebelheart and for those who wants to watch her live, catch her on grammys this coming weekend. A real madonna fans love mj

  • Peace - 7 years ago

    "We all must unite, to turn darkness to light and the love in our hearts will shine"
    Michael Joseph Jackson, the greatest entertainer and human being in the world.

  • Latoya Thurman - 7 years ago


  • MichaelJacksonisthebest - 7 years ago


  • Jennifer - 7 years ago

    How much you wanna bet that the comments that says michael a dick sucker and gay is the same person?? Childish and petty as fuck smh

  • LeLe - 7 years ago

    I just like reading these Hate comments. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!! MICHAEL JACKSON!

  • MJ SHAYONI - 7 years ago

    How NFL convinced Michael Jackson to perform Super Bowl halftime show
    Michael Jackson gave one of the most memorable Super Bowl halftime show performances when he rocked the stage in 1993.
    But it wasn't easy for the NFL to convince a star like the King of Pop to perform in the middle of a sporting event back then. As this Austin Murphy story about how halftime became "The Halftime Show" details, the league was eventually able to make a convincing argument to Jackson:
    For a month they got nowhere. (The NFL's Jim) Steeg sat down with the King of Pop’s manager, Sandy Gallin, 11 months before Super Bowl XXVII. “I remember pitching them,” he says, “and them not really having a clue what we were talking about.” At a subsequent meeting, producer Don Mischer pointed out that the Super Bowl would be broadcast in more than 120 countries. Now he had Jackson’s full attention.

    Steeg recalls Jackson saying, “So you’re telling me that this show is going live to all those places where I’ll never do a concert?” A pause. “I’m in.”

    “Michael worked harder than anybody [who’s done the halftime show], before or since,” says Steeg, who remembers seeing Jackson still rehearsing his act at seven the night before the game, in a tent outside the Rose Bowl.

    And it showed. Jackson, rocking a bandolier-draped frock coat on loan, apparently, from Muammar Gaddafi, was sensational. The final moments of that show were the most viewed in the history of television at the time.

  • MJ SHAYONI - 7 years ago


  • Hailey - 7 years ago

    MJ is the biggest star the world has ever seen! He is a fucking icon. One of the best voices. The best entertainer. The best dancer. PERIOD

  • Blabla - 7 years ago


  • Blanca - 7 years ago

    Michael's fame, success and talent speak for themselves. Michael hands down. He had that originality. Madonna imitated Marilyn Monroe with that material girl image and like - a - virgin theme. Michael's music has odd, never-heard-of, meaningful messages: Billie Jean, man in the mirror, beat it, heal the world, black or white, etc. None of them are about sex, fucking, or materialistic shit! The best always die young. It should be the other way around! Go figure.

  • farah - 7 years ago


  • guy ritchiE - 7 years ago

    Madonna is my queen!!

  • dAta - 7 years ago

    Even bjork, the icelander singer called mj once gay and father of devil. We love bjork, and stop putting and dragging beyonce, she is the queen and madonna her mentor. Mj is gay, mj is gay, gay, dick sucker!! Dick sucker!

  • nene - 7 years ago

    There is a thruth about mj as a dick sucker! Why don't you go and asked all of his victim and by now thhose victims are already in their 30's. He is a cradel snatcher!! He just married lisa marie to tell the world that he is not gay, u know to cover the thruth that he is not gay! Dick sucker king michael! Beyonce is the best ok?

  • Anonymous - 7 years ago

    Hilarious how all of you stupid Beyoncé & Madonna fans are quickly hating on Michael just because people liked his performance more. Makes all of you dumbasses look jealous. & as for calling MJ a "dick sucker" Michael Jackson was straight and there's no proof he did those things. Just accept the fact that Michael Jackson is the best & appeals to every age.

  • maricel - 7 years ago

    Luv. Madonna!!

  • ria nana - 7 years ago

    If madonna is the queen of bitch, mj is the king of dick sucker! Haha lol!

  • Maddie - 7 years ago

    they are haters bcs they are anus. Forget about mj's haters bc they're just peanut butter and jealous

  • claire - 7 years ago

    Watch madonna's performance in this years grammys

  • bitch I'm madonna - 7 years ago

    Let's watch madonna in the upcoming grammys, another historical and explosive performance by the one and only queen of the universe, madonna! See you there! Staples center,

  • deting - 7 years ago

    Madonna is the best, I think madonna is also a bitch and she also a dick sucker, but mj as a dick sucker hahhaha, its not new! We all know that for a fact.

  • ronie - 7 years ago

    My vote is for beyonce, and I don't care abou michael jackson or madonna. If michael sucks dick, who the hell cares? U don't need to educate me about the influence of mj to beyonce. Now after you mj fans hatred against madonna, and being a racist, now your putting the issue between mj and beyonce. For god sake mj is dick sucker hahaha lol

  • jean - 7 years ago

    Is mj a dick sucker? Hahaha lol this is funny! I think mj fans don't be a racist! Instead of voting for mj I will just vote for others, representing bruno mars

  • Onlyyou - 7 years ago

    Let us all ignore this sad case who keeps on writing lies about MJ. He wants us all to forget about music and fight PLEASE DONT GO INTO THIS

  • King Michael - 7 years ago

    Hey ronie, Beyonce loves Michael Jackson so much, and one time she said that if it wasn't for MJ, she wouldn't be an entertainer. Beyonce's greatest influence is Michael!

  • Lovemj - 7 years ago

    Guys first of all haters shut the hell up. Michael Jackson was a legend and he was a great entertainer and why can't y'all understand that

  • shalala - 7 years ago

    Sabi nga ni kuya germs " walang tulugan" mj fans, don't be a racist to us filipinos!

  • ronie - 7 years ago

    Michael is dead! He is so gayish and I just love the comment that he is a dick sucker. Lol. My vote is for beyonce

  • sarah - 7 years ago

    #living for love. Madonna queen of the universe!

  • rebelheart - 7 years ago

    While you people are having an argue about issue of racism, please don't forget to catch madonna in the up and conming grammys. She will be performing her new single living for love and watch out her new album rebel heart! World peace! Long live madonna!

  • Love Lives Forever - 7 years ago

    Guys! Stop fighting, Michael Jackson always promote World Peace. We should respect each other's decision, Michael loves Madonna and Madonna loves Michael. No hate! Just love! If you love Madonna you don't need to say bad things about Michael. It's undeniable that Michael Jackson is the greatest of all time, the king of music, greatest humanitarian. He helped the children around the world to ease their sufferings. We should continue his legacy, and please stop PREJUDICE! This is just a poll just a reminder. Love lives forever!

  • deigh - 7 years ago

    Please don't understimate people in the philippines. I have a lot of friends from philippines, and contrary to the fact what hereformj is saying that they are no read no write and can't speak english. In fact they are good in speaking english and inteliigent.don't be a racist to some mj fans! This is not a battle between mj and madonna fans but battle between the filipino people and mj racist fanatics.

  • MJMJMJ - 7 years ago


  • gogo - 7 years ago

    Oh now some loser madonna fans wanna make us racists. Maybe they wrote racist comments and they pretended like they are mj fans. I ll tell you what? nothing you can do make madonna number 1. :))

  • macy - 7 years ago

    I'm also a filipino, my mon is from manila and my dad is from new jersey. I'm so sad to see people having issues with filipinos. I love madonna, I love michael, but please to mj fans don't be a racist.

  • HAHAHA! - 7 years ago


  • Matalino - 7 years ago


  • King Michael - 7 years ago

    Hi Blanca! You're so right, i agree with you. :) the shit you're talking about is Edralyn De Oro.

  • joane v - 7 years ago

    Ang alm ko lang si. Michael jackson ay dick sucker sabi sa mga news! Nakakhiya! Yan ba ang nagpopromote ng worlpeace. Mj is promoting sex and molestation, baklang mahilig sa mga batang lalaki

  • Blanca - 7 years ago

    Just an FYI, I'm half Filipino and one of Michael's best fans. That Filipino fag that keeps putting Michael down, even talking shit in tagalog, does not speak for the entire Philippine country. He's an isolated incident with serious issues.

  • joan negra - 7 years ago

    Lahat ng mga naniniwa kay michael jackson may titi sa noo.magkantutan nalang kayo mga putang ina ninyo!

  • Matalino - 7 years ago

    Hahaha! Gago ka EDRALYN DE ORO! Mahawakan mo kaya si MADONNA? Baka sampigahin ang muka mo non dahil tanga ka? HAHAHA FEELING ANG PUTANG INANG TO.

  • brenda - 7 years ago

    oh i forgot he lip synced and all but HE STILL ROCKED ! everyone loved his performance even though he did lip sync! that shows he still rocks! SHAMONE!

  • edralyn de oro - 7 years ago

    Even michael won its nothing for us madonna fans! But we cannot erase the fact that michael jackson fanatics are racist. They are putting all the filipino down. Madonna loves her filipino fans! You assholes will not see anymore your gay icon performing live, maybe in old videos and youtube you can see him, but we are so lucky because our bitch madonna is still very alive, we can even touch her and watch her live and continues to spread her message of love to the world without racism.

  • Matalino - 7 years ago

    EDRALYN DE ORO! Sige lang bumoto ka lang ng bumoto para naman manalo yang idol mong si MADONNA, nakaka awa naman e, ang layo na ng agwat baka sakaling humbaol pa yang boto mo. HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU MORON!

  • santiano - 7 years ago

    Mj spreaded love always! Be peaceful not racist. MJ FOREVER

  • brenda - 7 years ago

    go michael! and for all u haters saying he used the same dance moves. truth is he still was the BEST no matter what dance moves. have u seen how many records he broke! he STILL has the BEST SELLING ALBUM! If all those artist are so much better than him why havent they broken his record?!! because MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BEST EVER!! He will continue to beat every one! afterall he is king! King of pop King of music King of dance! King! (btw madonna had to get half naked to sell music) Michael will win like always. one day yall shall admit he is the best bc he is and will always be! SHAMONE!

  • King Michael Jackson - 7 years ago

    And the WINNER is MICHAEL JACKSON! THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Congratulations MJ Fans! :)

  • Please - 7 years ago

    Hereformj is full of hate = is not a true MJ fan. Michael taught love.

  • jan aditya - 7 years ago

    Please don't be racist! Philippine people are very kind and thet value friendship. If michael jackson fans, stop being a racist to the philippines.

  • King Michael Jackson - 7 years ago

    And the WINNER is MICHAEL JACKSON! THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Congratulations MJ Fans! :)

  • Blanca - 7 years ago

    It's a no-brainer Michael wins it all. He's the only artist in the world with ORIGINALITY! No other artist is known by just an article of clothing (i.e., sparkly glove, flashy jackets, high water pants, glittery socks) his specific dance moves, his unique style of singing -including his hiccuping, his impressive ability to break down racial barriers and age groups - to say the least. Everyone else are copycats. His music united the entire world. And let's not forget how he started as a little boy and peaked in an Era that still catered to white people. Madonna had that advantage since she's white. Michael had the power to overcome this inequality and wow an audience of any color. MTV had no choice but to finally add a black artist to their show or risk ratings and viewers. Not to mention he came up with music video concept! And no other artist can be identified by just his silhouette behind a blank screen! HE'S A TOTAL GENIUS! Like the saying goes, and is so true, "in the world of popular music, there's Michael Jackson. Then there's everyone else." We love u Michael and always will! Quit hating haters!!!!!!

  • Peter - 7 years ago

    Hereformj, michael jackson loves the philippines. You are not defending michael jackson, instead, you are putting him down! Stop being racist about my filipino friends. They are the most intelligent people in this world,

  • KING OF MUSIC MJ - 7 years ago


  • archie - 7 years ago

    Hereformj, you are so mean and racist! I'm a filipino, and from the philippines, you don't have the right to speak to the people of the philippines in that way. You are so devilish! I'm based in new york. I'm calling all the attention oif all filipino people to defend ourselves! I hope you go to hell!

  • hereformj - 7 years ago

    All the people who can't speak english especially the philippines a very poor country should just go to the farm and harvest rice. You philippines don't have the right to step in america because all of you are only farmers and don't know how to read and right! Philippines and madonna should go to hell!

  • ssibal madonna - 7 years ago

    I'd like to know why madonna's bitches blame MJ.
    Is their singer too poor for her fans to speak ill of MJ?? Ummm.... I think Madonna's followers cannot but slander others because they know madonna is very very terrible singer to be loved for herself. To be honest, it is trueㅋㅋㅋ

    I want her fans to remember that people evaluate your singer at your behavior.

    한줄 요약해서 마돈나팬들 존나 머가리 빈 병신같다고ㅋ(In short, madonna's fucking zombies seem like idiot with mental retardation)

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    If Michael sees these whole situations, he would say
    "I love you all, but please stop hating each other. All for love. L.O.V.E."

  • floyd - 7 years ago

    Hey hereformj, stop and stop commenting, you are just creating a fire between michael fans and madonna fans. You are so judgemental and racist! Michael jackson is not racist! You should burn yourself to hell!

  • resa - 7 years ago

    You know what hereformj, there is nothing wrong if madonna fan can't speak english. The good thing is they have their own language. You speak english herformj, but are you sure that the language you are speaking is owned by your country? Or you just burrowed your language to someone else. English is a language for brits, nihongo is for japanese, cantonese for chinese, but what about for americans? They speak english which is a language of brits. Meaning, you just burrowed your language. Don't underestimate thge people that can't speak english.

  • mer girl - 7 years ago

    For you hereformj, just make sure research first before you say something bad or not so good about madonna okay? I love michael and madonna. Don't influence our mind to hate madonna! You are starting the fire. Michael fans and madonna fans should help each other to continue the legacy of world peace. You are not a true michael jackson fan because you are full of hatred. If you love michael, you also learn how to love madonna like what I did. We love michael and madonna!

  • hereformj - 7 years ago

    And don't even try, because AOL already declared Michael Jackson as the winner! http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/01/michael_jackson_reigns_supreme.html#incart_related_stories

  • hereformj - 7 years ago

    Laughing at all Madonna twats dissing MJ. They can't even speak English, and couldn't follow an argument. Here, this is the reality.

    AOL ranked Madonna's performance as the WORST! MJ got 3,262 votes and Madonna got 236 votes. http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/01/super_bowl_halftime_shows.html

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    Hey 'hereformj' don't waste your time with those trolls and watsh this

  • hereformj - 7 years ago

    Oh poor dumb ass little haters. I can't believe they are actually copying my name to make hate comments here for MJ. Yup, that's how internet parasites hating on MJ are doing. Manipulating good things about MJ. Now they're copying my name to post bad comments. Poor trolls.

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    Oh however have you seen this video? this is awesome!!! please watch if u are MJ fan.
    This is an amatuer recording of HIStory tour and its realism quality is amazing!
    Adjust the quality into 720p HD !


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