Was the suspension appropriate?


  • BK - 8 years ago

    When did Nick ever coach against a team that was overmatched?

  • Larry - 8 years ago

    Since this was in a structured league situation the only way that you should be able to suspend the coach is if the league or athletic association had prescribed rules that specified actions for this type of situation. In Connecticut there was an high school football coach who enjoyed running up the score on teams. The state association put in a rule that said that if you were ahead by 50 points you needed to run a very limited offense or risk being suspended. While this coach certainly violated the spirit of the game you can only take action on the game within the rules or if the coach had received a direct instruction from his employers and had in turn violated it.

  • Stephen - 8 years ago

    I had no problem with it until reading the opinions of the two coaches whom I respect very much. I suppose a suspension is fair. The halftime score made me "LOL" though.

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