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Which services do you offer leak adjustments for?

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  • Ellen F. Masteller - 8 years ago

    Our leak policy is not published on our website or in a customer service policy; we do not have a customer service policy.
    Leak adjustment policy:
    The company policy states a customer will pay for any water usage over the customer’s average billed amount up to 75,000 gallons per month, at a rate of $4.49 per 1,000 gallons of water, plus the current 7% sales tax and water tracking rate @ .22¢ per 1,000 gallons of water (current tariff rate). The 3-month average will be calculated prior to the leak occurrence and up to 2-months will be allowed to be adjusted during the same leak incident. Leaks must be repaired and adjustments made within 2-months of the leaks discovery to be eligible for the adjustment. Only (1) leak adjustment is allowed in any 12-month period.
    The average water usage is derived from the 3-months prior water usage with no leak. If there is no customer water usage history, we will use 2,000 gallons of water per person in the household for the calculation average.
    Once you have repaired your leak, you are eligible for a leak adjustment, based on our policy and we would be happy to set up a payment plan for the balance, if you are unable to pay the amount all at once.
    How do I submit a request for a leak adjustment?
    Leak Adjustment Request:
    The customer should provide the Utility with one of the following three items when a leak repair adjustment is requested:
    1. A leak repair receipt copy from their hired plumber/contractor.
    2. A parts receipt copy for a leak repair they completed themselves.
    3. A signed & dated “Leak Repair Customer Statement” (using our form) repair parts used were on hand to make the repair and there are no receipts.

  • Virginia Manley - 8 years ago

    Currently, we offer leak adjustments for water and sewer as often as a leak occurs. We require proof of it being repaired (ie., copy of ticket for purchase of parts if they fix themselves or copy of plumber's bill) and a formal written request on our designated form. We will only adjust three months and use the prior three month's readings to get the average usage for the adjustment. And, we only adjust usage over 150%. We are currently looking at changing our rate structure, etc. and would love to get more information on how other utilities treat leak adjustments. Thanks to everyone responding to Gary's poll and making an additional comment to share!

  • Glen Miller - 8 years ago

    We offer relief through a policy; all of the suggestions offered in the article are included within our policy. As a state regulated utility we are forbidden to have a leak policy; as a customer-driven, elected-Board utility we reimplement the policy after each rate case. The adjustments are spread across our entire customer base, and we can calculate the per-account cost at the end of each year. Some customers go forever without a need for an adjustment; others seem to have a regular need. Depending upon average use and size of leak, the relief varys; but if expressed as a percentage it is between 25% and 50% as an average. As a not-for-profit, water-only utility, this comes right off our bottom line. There is a large municipality in the area that has some for-profit ventures that are not regulated; the for-profits pump cash into relief programs for the disadvantaged customers, keeping the regulated utility bottom line unaffected.

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