Love it or Hate it?

  • Andrew Prazar - 7 years ago

    Haven't read it, although it has alternately been recommended and panned by various fellow readers I trust. I'm leery of starting it as I tend to give up on books within the first 100 pages if I'm not gripped by them (Catch-22 being the notable exception). Reviewer A's description makes me want to read it, but Reviewer B's complaints are the complaints I often have about such books. I'll probably have to give it a go to decide for myself.

  • Lynsey - 7 years ago

    Although I loved the book myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewer B's take on it. In fact I love the whole concept of this thread because I always enjoy how a book can bring out such differing opinions. I sometimes think that how I feel about a book can also change depending on the day I read it and the effort I put into understanding it. But heaven forbid I put a lot of effort into connecting with a book and it's a miss! I want itbecause even though i've already read it, I don't own it and it will look nice on my shelf next to Enduring Love, On Chesil Beach, Saturday and Sweet Tooth. Plus i'll probably reread it some day.

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