Would you take $10,000 to have an abortion if rich celebrity was the father?


  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    Hell no I'm not taking 10k when I could possibly get paid in the millions. This is a rare case of the athlete that is actually trying to get custody of the child. Also, the mother in this case has so many issues. She disappeared on another child for a long period of time. And there is something fishy about her work status. She is not a stripper because many-a-stripper have trapped athletes. Lastly, 10k is way to little. JJ Redick offered more money in his abortion contract.

  • Zeke - 8 years ago

    I understand what Exorcism was trying to do. 10k is not enough.

  • Gem - 8 years ago

    if i'm a groupie, i take the $10K. that money is guaranteed (assuming he doesnt renig). no telling what will happen if you take a chance on the courts - you may walk away with next to nothing but this crumb snatcher to take care of for the next 18 years and your same $800/month job. kids will only hold you back. with the abortion, you get to keep your body snatched and ready to take another baller's $10K with a "i'm pregnant but i'll get an abortion and leave you alone if you pay me" scam. if he calls your bluff, move on to the next.

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