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Which of the Galway City Bypass proposed routes do you prefer? (Poll Closed)


  • Joe Kelly - 9 years ago

    To Reply to Mr.M Walsh's comment;

    Yes Mr. Walsh, there will be still use for the Car if one does want to do so , however the alternatives brigade are merely trying to point out the options available, each scenario of the journey makers are taken into account , inter regional journeys will not be affected in fact all with commercial traffic and inter regional traffic they would flow more freely as the majority of the commuting traffic has been encouraged away from the arteries of present day congestion, if you could take the time to kindly read the commuting report here it may break things down so commuting traffic has been identified for you (Please view Link below)
    Also as you had said , creating bypasses have killed Cities/towns commercially , were are not Barcelona , Prague ,We don't need to be, We are Galway and we can use a positive objective mentality to employ the best fit solution for all our citizens and county folk, along with our visitors and admirers. City as a Body needs a stable measured supply though it's arteries so the flow can feed the heart, the inner city is one of the nicest vistas of Europe and being Cavalier about only suiting a few will end in eminent disaster, no longer should Galway be a byword for failure of ambition , let Galway break free from the chains of the damaging subterfuge of powers from a far , give Galway to it's citizens and visitors a system that suits all will only strenghten our strengths and to not erase our attributes for quick fix short sighted solution with an expensive dying commodity far from our control, if we don't produce those commodities we will held to ransom by the controllers of such commodities . So please view the links and watch the video below , it may give you more insight of this will work and improve this City long into the future. Thank you.

  • Val Byrne - 9 years ago

    I am Galway man living in Cobh since 1992. My Galway family live in Renmore, Mervue & Ballybane.
    I have a friend that originally lived in Renmore but she bought a house in Cappagh Road.
    It takes me 2.5 hours to get from Cork to Galway and on my last visit to my friend in October 2014 it took me 2 hours from Renmore to Cappagh Road - I probably would have walked there quicker!!!
    I discourage all my Cork friends and family to go to Galway because of the traffic.

  • M Walsh - 9 years ago

    Here we go again, the alternative solutions brigade with suggestions that we change working hours, and build a light rail and what not. Try to avoid building a bypass by somehow rolling out loads of changes to numerous stakeholders and assuming that resources will be found to pay for it all!!
    The simple fact is many people HAVE to use their cars, they also like to use their cars and they have a right to use their cars if they want (we live in a democracy!) Cars offer flexibility that other transport options don't.
    If you look at any of the towns around the country that have been bypassed in recent years the traffic has been reduced and they have become much quieter, cleaner, safer places to live and motorists can go about their business without delays. Bypasses work!

    I work around the county and often have to cross the city at rush hour and it's a nightmare, even outside of rush hour its painful to try to cross the city and any little accident or roadworks can cause chaos.
    If anyone thinks that Galway can maintain a light rail system that will alleviate congestion they're going to be disappointed, Galway is not Barcelona or Paris or Prague there isn't key central areas that draw in people and there isn't an opportunity to build mass transit for that. Mostly it's just normal folk going about their business wherever it may be...
    Galway is the only crossing point around Lough Corrib folks... So how is someone from say Oughterard going to go to Claregalway or Loughrea or Dublin? How's a quaint tram going to fix that? Light rail is fine for densely populated areas with most users taking loads of short journeys in a limited radius.
    The Luas didn't achieve it's congestion targets in Dublin, it just took passengers from Dublin Bus!

    Build the bypass and give so many of us a little part of our lives back everyday.... I do feel for people who may lose their homes and properties and it's so tough on them, they should be well compensated and supported to deal with this..

  • john Quirke - 9 years ago

    HA few about retrofitting the existing quincintenial bridge similar to the wolfe tone bridge ? Where a pedestrian / cycle path could be added on both sides of the bridge(outside). The existing pedestrian /Cycle lanes could be then opened up as bus corridors.

    There is no need IMO to have a new outer bypass. a park and ride with a new light rail system would add a lot more benefit to Galway staggering that there is little or no connection to the major industrial estates on the east of the city to meaningful public transport. train ;light rail ...even to the city center)

    There should be direct access to the main public roads between the 2 Major Industries in Ballybane ( Boston Scientific etc and Ballybrit ( Metronomic etc) and open up a proper access road to all the major roads adjacent Tuam Rd, Dual Carriageway and the Monivea Road.

    As has been previously been stated her the link from east to west is only blocked in the morning 8-9 and evening 6-7 .

    How about staggering working hours in the major industrial employers

    Direct access to Liosbawn of the existing dual carrage way ( not the existing Menlo roundabout try a slip road

    There are so many options that havent been explored yet

  • Eoin Mc Lynn - 9 years ago


  • Joe Kelly - 9 years ago

    I would beg of you as Galwegians do not rush into this , the bypass is not a good solution it is there to serve the few not the many, Ask ourselves what is causing the congestion ? I dare to say commuting singular car traffic, the solution may lie in offering a different mode of commuter transport i.e. a light rail system ,please view link below;

    The SUIG Light Rail Proposal ( will offer a cleaner,cheaper mode of transport to the masses whilst encouraging housing developments , it will cost 600 million , cheaper than this bunch of options, with make 100 million per annum profit ,create jobs and boost commerce/tourism/industry

  • Paschal Conneely - 9 years ago

    I totally agree with Mr.Chris Greaneys comment,look, I attended the meeting and every planner and engineer said nothing similar.I find that very strange firstly.I realy think its all about making huge profits for engineering firms rather than planning a road.The traffic in the west-side of the city is never that buisy it seems to move quite good when it is buisy.One hour in the morning for schools and one hour in the evening traffic,the bus and taxi have their lanes.The west side of the city has four link roads to knocknacarra Barna namely COAST ROAD,KINGSTON,DISTRIBUTOR ROAD AND THE RAHOON ROAD,how man roads do they realy need.I believe this is just another form of squandering tax payers money or euro money.The proposed road is two or three mainly following the same route which will knock many homes business and farms,it would realy show the type of beurocrasy polotics we have in this country.

  • C H - 9 years ago

    Anyone who says that we can forget about cars and not do a bypass lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land. It is standard practice that a bypass is the first of a number of elements to improving transport - that IMO is the mature attitude. Of course, simply building more and more roads to solve a city's traffic problem is no solution, but to belligerently build no roads is no solution either. What's needed is integrated transport thinking and the Galway City Transport Project is going that direction. I'm pretty sure that An Bord Pleanala will slap down the public transport and smart travel elements as conditions for the construction of the bypass. I don't think cycling will ever be a serious element of the commuting jigsaw, but both public transport and walking must be prioritised within Galway. Cycling is perfect for leisure activity on a good day and greenways must be put in place for both long distance walking as well as cycling. Park and Ride is also a vital part of integrated transport strategy. Proper rail commuter services must also be promoted with the inclusion of affordable P&R to greatly increase catchment.

  • Joe Bloggs - 9 years ago

    This is so ridiculous. No way that green route is going ahead. It's going right through my house. Even if I was offered a few million euro right now, I'd still say no. And so would a lot of my neighbours. I don't even think Galway needs a bypass. Why not improve public transport? Add a light rail system or something. If the green route (or any route really) goes ahead, it's gonna tear communities apart. Very easy for some people to say "ah yeah, go with the green route, it's the best option", but it's a different story when your house is being demolished... Put yourself in my shoes!

  • Sinead - 9 years ago

    Well said Chris Greaney.

    Historical areas and neighbourhoods to be destroyed because of usual lack of foresight by planners and those running the councils. I see the green route even goes through a graveyard?

    People of NE Galway city continue to be shafted for populist rubbish.

  • John O'Meara - 9 years ago

    The blue and pink routes are essentially the same (minor variation at the Eastern end). Whilst I voted pink, I'd be happy also with blue. To those who voted green and perhaps were looking to the future, I would argue that the blue/pink routes cater for access from north of these routes also and therefore for future expansion of the city.

  • Fergal Hynes - 9 years ago

    Thinking ahead in terms of growing city - the Green route meets our needs now and for the future. It leaves lots of expansion for our city suburbs. Thinking of short term solutions (the other options) is what got us in this mess in the first place.

  • Alastair McKinstry - 9 years ago

    @Niamh Griffin,

    The lines on the maps shown here (and the website) are misleading; the red /orange/pink routes are anything but "using existing roads". Double-decked expressways, tunnels, huge amount of new roads, overlaying the existing areas.

  • Jonathan corbett - 9 years ago

    It would' be crazy to not use the green or the blue route or we will be going back again in 20 years to put another outer road . This will bring more business to the city , make life easier and take us out of the dark ages . The bottle necks in our city are a joke . But the elephant in the room is that nether of these routes will be built as there is no money , if they said we would have to put in a toll people would faint at paying €1.40 for our new bridge .

  • marqu - 9 years ago

    After being at the consultation, i am surprised that the green option is 2nd in the poll. They told me earlier that it would involve the demolition of 100 houses. The Red route has the most impact, 130 houses to be demolished, The Aldi and that side of the westside shopping area will be demolished too. The other routes involve 50/60 houses to be demolished. This is not even including the businesses that will be affected. They have even mentioned that some newly built housing estates will be demolished, while at the same time it has been reported from The ESRI that 3000 houses need to be built by 2021. At present there is a housing shortage, when people are forced out of their homes, there will be very live? People should be encouraged to not use cars for short journeys. Of course there needs to be an alternative. One alternative would be a light rail system, there was a Gluas project before which was rejected, they claim there isn't enough people to use it, but it seemed to work in the small French town, Valenciennes with a population of 43, 000. Now there is another proposal for a light rail system, SUIG - here is a link to a recent article --

  • Seán Leonard - 9 years ago

    Red Route is so ridiculous it's obviously a decoy to draw fire away from other route options.
    Besides that, spending €500 million+ on a new road when a fraction of that money could easily be deployed in providing world-class public transport and cycle facilities (thereby removing the traffic problem) smacks of ideologically-antiquated, plain-stupid thinking.
    Is the NRA still using the urban planning manuals from the 1950s?

  • Carla Fernandes - 9 years ago

    Galway needs more public transportation and less cars. Invest this money in school buses, more buses per hour and more routes to the great employment centres, build a light rail system (GLUAS - More roads will mean more cars and an increase in the parking nightmare in the city. Also, all of these plans include evicting people from their homes, and with the housing problem already so serious and with prices rising with no apparent reason, why would we do that?

  • Gavin - 9 years ago

    The last bridge built in Galway City was in 1984....31 years ago!!
    The city has frown a lot since then.
    We need this bypass built straight away!!

  • james meyler - 9 years ago

    Galway traffic is a mess!! A relief road/bypass is essential if Galway is to develop.

    Possibly tunnel some of the bypass

  • marie Fernandes - 9 years ago

    to get through the city as much faster pass if there was extra drive lanes created to get from west to east

  • Peggy McConnell - 9 years ago

    I mistakenly voted previously for the red route - which wii be the most devastating to people living on the route. My home will be severely affected by most of the routes - and those which will not affect us as much will be devastating for others. How can I possibly vote for any of these options!

  • Peggy mcconnell - 9 years ago

    Taking people's homes and livelihood and ripping through the city and hinterlands - it's actually barbaric. People have been devasted by these shocking options.

  • frank ward - 9 years ago

    Def need another bridge and also gathers traffic from employment centres which crosses town in the morning and evening so this my favourite

  • Chris Greaney - 9 years ago

    There are better options than destroying peoples homes and lives just to save a 10 minute commute in the morning. And it is only when school is on or during the races that this is an issue. Maybe we need school buses - it would be cheaper.

  • Niamh Griffin - 9 years ago

    Pink red and orange using existing roads are ridicous. This is where the problem is. Only solution is new roads away from the city hence bypassing the city. Using other routes will only add bottlenecks and waste of public money

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