Do you think Ashton and Bryana are dating?


  • Aliah Stowers - 8 years ago

    I swear to god, I'm so tired of people hating on other people that the band members might be dating just because they think they actually have a huge chance with one of the members. If Ashton is dating her, then let him be happy and don't send hate to both of them. Keep in mind that Ashton is human and he used to self-harm because of bullying, and hating on someones relationship online is like another form of cyber-bullying. If he's dating her, he wouldn't want any of his fans to hate on their relationship. If he isn't dating her, then congrats.

  • nydia irwin - 8 years ago

    Umm... Ashton and Bryana aren't dating... I asked him bc i got his kik. and he said "we are just friends" talking about Bryana. so yeah. rumors are false and they aren't dating!! Only friends.

  • Alaya - 8 years ago

    So I'm about to cry because she's gorgeous and Ashton Is my daddy. That dosent work out..

  • eva - 8 years ago

    I mean she's pretty and all but ashton its hot and deserves someone way better.not someone who makes nude pics.

  • eva - 8 years ago

    Nooooooo please noooooo I'm crying right now

  • Barbara Palvin - 8 years ago

    UHmmmmmmmmmmm NO

  • Letty (Big fan of 5SOS) - 8 years ago

    If theyre dating,im happy............if theyre not they should totally date cuz they look cute together ^.^

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