Best Couple On A Different World

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  • Brenton Henderson - 8 years ago

    I actually got my start in the entertainment industry on that show. I remember working as an extra under the direction of Debbie Allen. This was during the years of 87 and 88. I then went on to work for Walt Disney Studios under the Katzenberg regime serving as post liaison. From there my business partner (Ogden Bass) and I opened the first black owned post production facility in Hollywood. The name of the company was Eye Candy Post. Due to some poor decision making on my part (not selecting the right mate for me), I sold my interest in the company in 2001 and moved to North Carolina. Needless to say, 11 years later, I removed myself from a very toxic relationship and now reside in Las Vegas. My wife (my high school sweetheart and the one that got away, well I guess she didn't lol) own a successful mental health agency - not too different from the entertainment industry lol! We assist those with functional mental disabilities to cope with their challenges and provide assistance in getting them back into mainstream society. Wow, all that from working on A Different World! :) In all sincerity, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on the show and wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. From Debbie Allen (director/producer), Maynard Virgil (stage manager-RIP) Thadeus Mumford (writer) and Susan Fales-Fill (writer/producer), I have never worked with a group of producers who were as bold and daring as this team. Miss them all!

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