Does Kenneth MacAlpin deserve the Rex Factor?

  • Bobby - 2 months ago

    I 'meant meeting Daniel in half an hour.My mistake.

  • Bobby - 2 months ago

    Yes..Easily the greatest of our kings until Robert.He's the link with the formation of Dalriada and the Picts.I have to disagree with Daniels' comment above.I read an account years back of the Viking departure from Lewis.They left in a hurry and headed for Iceland.It's in their sagas.Picts and Scots united through Kenneth and unlike the Danelaw in England it became unsafe for them here.Kenneths moniker was Coineach an Ferbarsach .Kenneth the Conqueror...Doesn't sound like Kenneth the Negotiator to me.And Ive never heard of anything said by the Vikings about him except through the unification of Picts and Scots and that he wasn't messing about.Modern Scandanavians never mention Kenneth,probably because it destroys their myth of Viking invincibility.Us and the Skraylings.Its a fact of life...If you've never been beat then your a bully picking out victims and youve never had to actually fight.Kenneth fought them and they were found wanting.

  • David MacGregor - 2 years ago

    We MacGregor's are descended from Prince Gregor MacAlpine the youngest brother of King Kenneth I , Clan Gregor are the senior clan of "Siol Alpin". The MacGregor clan motto is "'S Rioghal Mo Dhream" (Royal Is My Race). We MacGregor's are proud of our royal heritage, through the century's we have suffered from proscription of our surname for almost 170 years and theft of our land, to use the name MacGregor meant certain death, there was a price on the head of all who used their birth name MacGregor. The Campbell's stole MacGregor land, so my ancestors were both nameless and landless, the Campbell's had a beheading pit for executing MacGregor's to entertain their dinner guests. The Campbell's trained bloodhounds to hunt the MacGregor's like animals, they fed the dogs milk from MacGregor women so that the dogs could hunt down MacGregor's successfully. They called us the "Children of the Mist", we were great fighters as the Battle of Glen Fruin (7th February 1603) proved. After all that has happened throughout MacGregor history, I'm glad to be able to call myself a MacGregor, "While there's leaves in the forest, and foam on the river, MacGregor despite them shall flourish forever".

  • Mary Alice Hill - 3 years ago

    Yes! He definitely deserves the Rex Factor. This King, my 28th great-grandfather, through cunning and force laid the foundation for a united Scotland. Good work, I say.

  • Kittenfuud - 4 years ago

    He was my direct ancestor and that, the story of the stolen dog, (aww!) plus helping to create/unite Alba makes him Rex Factor material for me!

  • Timothy Bohn - 6 years ago

    You have to give the Rex Factor to the first one to bring order out of chaos.

  • Lagaya - 6 years ago

    Of course he deserves it. Fish scales and all.

  • Jimmy v. - 6 years ago

    I do not think he deserved it. Yes he was the first and original King of the Scots but what did he really do. He didn't really conquer anything, he just rose up in a power vacuum and consolidated through politics. He didn't find ways to outfight the Vikings, rather it was some sort of behind the scenes political wheeling and dealing. He rose to the throne only because everyone with a strong claim to the throne died in battle. His story reminds me of the Emperor Claudius' rise to power. I will not argue he was a good King, but great... I think not.

  • Alison Sieff - 6 years ago

    Kenneth was the first and, like Alfred the Great, was the original King of the Scots - therefore I think he does deserve the rex factor. It'll be interesting to see how future kings/queens compare to him.

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